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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 287. 1879. 643 To Jesse Werley, eighty one dollars. Claims allowed To Emanuel Weikert, twentydive dollars and sixty cents. by ¤°°°¤¤*i¤S 5>m· To Melchior Wolf, one hundred and thirty five dollars and fifty cents. °°”t°P"“‘°““‘{"" Pennsylv a n 1 a, continued. OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE. T,,m,,,,,,,,,,,_ To James Alexander, two hundred and thirty dollars. To Tobitha E. Allen, one hundred and nfty dollars. To Mary E. Abernathy, administratrix of James Kimbrough, deceased, four thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars and twenty nve cents. ` To Samuel H. Anderson, one hundred and tfteen dollars. To Isaac Alexander, one hundred dollars. To E. J. Alexander, wife of J. C. Alexander, eight hundred and eighty dollars. To George A. Alexander, one hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Thomas Berry, one hundred and ten dollars. To M. S. Brown, widow of George B. Brown, deceased, one hundred and fifty-five dollars. To James YV. Bowman, executor of S. Bowman, deceased, two hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To George Bolton, two hundred and five dollars. To J. A. Blankenship, administrator of T. D. Leeman, deceased, two hundred and seventy dollars. To Elijah W. Breazeale, fifty dollars. To William H. Brown, two thousand five hundred and twenty dollars. To William M. Boyd, one hundred and sixty-five dollars. To Stephen Bland, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Hugh Blair, nine hundred and sixty-nine dollars and forty cents. To J. F. M. Bowers, one hundred and forty dollars. To James S. Boyd, two thousand six hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To A. J. Balinger, senior, seven hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty cents. To Lorenzo D. Bryant, seventy-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Martha J. Bagby, one hundred dollars. To Mary Bowman, four hundred and forty-eight dollars and twelve cents. To Mitchel Brown, one thousand two hundred and ninety-two dollars. To Tapley Booth, one hundred and twenty five dollars. To Robert W. Burnett, forty dollars. To John Blevins, four hundred and thirty-two dollars and seventy- tive cents. To George Bowman, one hundred dollars. To W. L. J. Blair, sixty-eight dollars. To Elizabeth Bradley, one hundred and twenty five dollars. d To Richard C. Brizindine (estate of) one hundred and twenty five ollars. To B Brock (estate of) forty-two dollars and twenty-nve cents. To Ansolum Brown, forty-five dollars and fifty cents. To G W. Brown seventy-one dollars and twenty five cents. To Susannah Coppinger, administratrix of Alexander Coppinger, deceased, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and nfty cents. To Benjamin F. Crawford, four hundred and fifty nve dollars. To Elizabeth W. Carper, two hundred and sixty-four dollars and twenty-five cents. To Arthur H. Cranford, five hundred dollars. To Samuel H. Charles, one hundred dollars. To NV. F. Cleary, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Lewis Cardin, two hundred and eighty dollars. To W F. Carter, two hundred and sixty-two dollars and nfty cents.