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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 287. 1879. 649 To John Cain, three hundred and ninety three dollars and twenty five Claims allowed mtg by accounting offi- To Samuel Dobbins, six hundred dollars. °°" t° P°’S‘?“*‘_“{‘ To W. H. Douglas, and J. F. Adams, administrators of Melchor Mer- c0X,;Q°:°,cdV"g‘“’“* ritt, deceased, one hundred and seventy seven dollars and fifty cents. ` To William Fisher, two hundred and fifty five dollars. To Robert A. Frazier, one hundred and eighty eight dollars and fifty six cents. To William D. Farnsworth, one hundred and twenty five dollars. To Joseph Funk, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Jesse and William Fisher, executors of George Fisher, deceased, one thousand and forty dollars. To George W. Guinn, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Jacob Graber, senior, one hundred and eight dollars. To Frances Guthrie, one hundred dollars. To Jerome B. Gusman, four hundred and twenty dollars. To Stephen Going, seventeen dollars. To Samuel B. Harrison, four hundred and thirty seven dollars and fifty cents. To Adam. J. Hanshew, one hundred and eleven dollars and twenty live cents. d T10 Bushrod W. Herbert, two thousand three hundred and thirty nve 0 ars. To John High, twenty eight dollars and fifty cents. To Jacob Hammer, one hundred and eighty five dollars. To Martha Jordin, one hundred and five dollars. To Elizabeth Kesler, three hundred and sixty Eve dollars. To George Keiter, two hundred and seventy five dollars. To F. S. Littlepage, one hundred and forty five dollars. To Barney Lloyd, nineteen dollars and ninety eight cents. To Rebecca Lewis, four hundred and ninety dollars. To Adam Myers, three hundred and seventy dollars. To George W. MeVey, seventy five dollars and seventy five cents. To William H. Meadows, one hrmdred dollars. To Hem·y Moler, eight hundred and ninety seven dollars and seventy live cents. To Clementina Miles, one hundred dollars. To James Prince, one hundred dollars. To Robert N. Pendleton, administrator of Hugh N. Pendleton, deceased, two thousand five hundred and fifteen dollars. To Edwin Prince, one hundred and one dollars and twenty five cents. To Jacob Riille, two hundred dollars. To C. A. Rupert, seven hundred dollars. To John M Rice, ninety seven dollars and forty live cents. To Conrad Rhinaman, fifty six dollars. To Henry C. Small, three hundred dollars. To John M. Shomo, eighty six dollars and fifty Eve cents. To John Snyder, four hundred and ninety one dollars and thirty seven cents. · To Zebulon Stahiaker, one hundred and twenty eight dollars. To David Sigley, one hundred and thir·ty five dollars. To Willis P. Shaver, twenty one dollars and twenty five cents. To Rebecca J. Syle, nine hundred and thirty dollars and four cents. To Thomas B. Washington, tour hundred and sixty five dollars and two cents. To Annie M. T. Washington, four hundred and sixty five dollars and two cents. To James Waugh, ninety dollars. _ To John C. Weller, three hundred and thuty one dollars and forty cents. To William White, two hundred and twenty five dollars.