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650 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 287, 288. 1879. Arma. Sec. 2. That the agents appointed under the provisions of sections 1864, eh. 240, two and three of the act approved July fourth, eighteen hundred and 13 S*“*·» 381- sixty four, entitled “An act to restrict the jurisdiction of the Court of Claims, and to provide for the payment of certain demands for quartermaster stores and subsistence supplies furnished to the Army of the United States,” and acts amendatory thereof, to investigate and report May administer upon all claims filed under said act, are hereby authorized to administer oaths, em. oaths and aihrmations and to take depositions of witnesses. _ Tim¢_f•>*' P*‘¢8*m*· Sec. 3. That all claims not presented and tiled under said act, and my °l‘"'"“* the acts amendatory thereof, prior to the tirst day of January, anno Domini eighteen hundred and eighty, shall be forever barred. Approved, March 3, 1879. Much 3 ]379_ CHAP. 288.—-An act making appropriations for the payment of claims reported -——1—L—— allowed by the Commissioners of Claims under the act of Congress of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and acts amendatory thereof. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Claims allowed States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the by claims ¤¢>m{¤i¤- Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to pay, out of “‘°““’P°"”°“*“““' any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the several persons in this act named, the several sums mentioned therein, the same being in full for, and the receipt of the same to be taken and accepted in each case as a full and Hnal discharge of, the several claims presented 1871, ell. 116, by such persons to the Commissioners of Claims under the act of March 15 Smt.,524- third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and reported to the House of Representatives under the said act; that is to say: A]ai,,,ma_ OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA. To Mila Adams, the sum of one hundred dollars. To William Barclay, two hundred and eleven dollars. To David R. Bellemy, administrator of John C. Tinney, deceased, for the use and benefit of Lucy Ann Bellemy, Ambrose, Andrew, Franklin, Lewis, and Martha Jane Tinney, two hundred and forty dollars. To Martha A. Bennett, widow of Moses H. Bennett, seventy-four dollars. To P. T. F. Black, one hundred dollars. To John B. Boggs, three thousand six hundred and ninety dollars. To John B. Boggs and Mary A. Houston, four thousand six hundred and fourteen dollars. To Reuben Bouldin, eighty-three dollars. To Robert Brandon, four hundred and twenty dollars. To George Brooks, two hundred and fifty-seven dollars. To Cornelius Burkhead, three hundred and ten dollars. To Sandy Bynum, one hundred and ten dollars. To Ephraim Cagle, one hundred and ten dollars. \ To Thomas Carroll, one hundred and fifteen dollars. d To David H. Carter, four thousand two hundred and sixty-five ollars. To David Cocks, eight hundred and seventy-five dollars. To Warren Crabtree, one hundred and sixteen dollars. To Elizabeth Davidson, two hundred and fortynve dollars. To Joseph H. Davis, junior, one hundred and hfty dollars. To Rebecca E. Dorsey, seven hundred and one dollars. To John N. Dupree, three hundred and ten dollars and fifty cents. To Nancy K. Elkins, two hundred and eighty dollars. To `William G. Elkins, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Richard Ellis, one hundred and sixty-four dollars. To Templeton E. Ellis, one hundred and sixty dollars. To Thomas Espey, one hundred and ten dollars.