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662 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 288. 187 9. Oinigm •¤11<>w9<1 To Edmund C. Brown, one hundred and nfty-five dollars. VY °l“"“° °°“‘¥‘““‘ To Maria Brown, widow of Samuel T. Brown, and to Augustus M. M01}? p?mimSm_ and Henry Brown, Amanda C. Sweet, and Sarah B. Gardner, six hun- ,,Q'uf;f‘°‘°’ °°°' dred and fifteen dollars. _ To Sylvanus T. Brown, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Warren A. Brown, eighty eight dollars. To Joseph H. Bundy, seven hundred and fifty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Ryburn Bundy, sixty-five dollars. To Warner Bundy, sixty-four dollars. To Thomas A. Chambliss five hundred and forty-five dollars. To William Charity, one hundred dollars. To Florence F. Armstrong, William E. Clark, and John A. Baker, guardian of John T. Clark and Fannie G. Clark, six hundred and ten dollars. To Joseph H. Cockrille, two hundred and fifty dollars. To Caroline Cook, administratrix of Major Cook, deceased, one hundred dollars. To Oliver Cox, administrator of Philip H. Minor, deceased, for the use and benefit of Smith Minor, one thousand four hundred and three dollars and fortytwo cents. To Samuel Crim, five hundred and fifty-three dollars. To William Crim, one hundred and fifty dollars. To James H. Crocker, three hundred and eighty-nine dollars. I To Carter G. Cropp, two thousand one hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Wihiam Daniel, forty-two dollars and fifty cents. To Mary E. Davis, one hundred and Eve dollars. To John Dean, one hundred and twenty-one dollars and twenty-tive cents. To Lewis Edwards, one hundred and twenty-ive dollars. To Eliza Ely, five hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To John B. Everhart, five hundred and fifty-eight dollars. To Jacob Ferguson, eighty-five dollars. To Mary L. Finnall and Solomon R. Moxley, guardian of children of Eliza Ann Moxley, deceased, two thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars. ‘ To Fielding Fleshman, seventy dollars. To G. Hanson Flowerree, ninety dollars. To William Fox, three hundred and twenty dollars. To Catharine Fravel, thirty dollars. To Alexander E. Garrison, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Elizabeth Hale, sixty dollars. To Susan P. W. Hall, three hundred dollars. To Hugh Hammill, five hundred and eighty dollars. To Richard Heater, executor of John Heater, deceased, seven hundred and twenty-five dollars. ‘ To William P. Hillery, seventy-two dollars. To Philip B. Hooe, trustee for the heirs of George D. Fowle, deceased, one thousand dollars. To Gideon Householder, administrator of Mary Wenncr, deceased, two hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Bluoher Hudnall, three hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Charles W. Johnson, one hundred and nftydollars. To Peter Kemper, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one dollars. To Robert H. Kenney, one hundred and seventy-two dollars. To William H. Krantz, four hundred dollars. To Mary Lamb, iorty-eight dollars. To Nancy Langston, executrix of James Langston, deceased, two hundred and seventyeight dollars. To \Vi11iam C. Langston, one hundred and forty-nine dollars. To James Light, one hundred and fifty dollars.