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664 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 288. 1879. Claims &l1<>w9<1 To John R. Timmons, one hundred dollars. by "l“““*’ °°"l¥“‘S' To Daniel Tyler, three hundred and forty dollars. S"$ °P?r$°D°m` To John YVall, eight hundred and sixty dollars. t,,,,,;€f?mm’ °°H` To George S. \Venner, three hundred and sixty dollars. To J aeob S. Vfenner, administrator of Jacob \Venner, deceased, three hundred and fifty-three dollars. To Jennie lVilloughby, Marion Monteith, Fenton Monteith, and Lucy Monteith, five hundred and seventy- one dollars and torty-three cents. To Sarah R. lVilliams, two hundred and twenty-two dollars. To Eliza A. YVoodward, three hundred and sixty dollars. wtestvirgim. OF THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA. To James T. Hazlewood, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Hamilton J. Keiter, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To Benjamin Lock, one thousand [ive hundred and ninety-tive dollars. To Remington S. Lock, four hundred and ten dollars. To James \\’. McCloy, one hundred and iiity-seven dollars. To Jacob J. Miller five hundred and five dollars. To Joseph Vfelshaiis, two hundred and thirty dollars. Qavcs fo be rc—cx- Sec. 2. That the cases of Catharine A. Schafer, administratrix of XV all "”""“’~ C. Bradford, deceased, William C. Napur of Tennessee, Dobson of Tennessee, Mrs Julia Elliott, widow and administratrix of Newell D. Elhott, deceased, Charles M. Holder, James Monroe, Mrs Ellen G. Sleemaker, Alexander Davis, Alexander W, McConnell, Ada Benhem, Thomas McGuire, John R. lVatk1ns, adinimstrator of Martha IV. Anderson, deceased, Armistead Burwell, David J. Franklin, Hugh Core, Elias R. Core, Eli T. Diamond, James W. Pettigrew, Jesse H. Harper, Martha A. Jones, widow of John R. Jones, Charles Ayliti, YVilliain McKnight, XVillia1n N. Robertson, Henry C. Sykes, Mary McMannaman, William McK. Hall, James G. Belden, Martha Ann Gardner, John Larkin, Silas M. Luck, John R. Stutts, James G. Moore, and Harman Mickle, and Robert G. Coleman, be, and they are hereby, referred to the Commissioners of Claims for re-examination and report; and the said Commissioners of Claims shall have tull jurisdiction and authority to reopen, examine, and consider the said cases, and to make report thereon to Congress, as in cases provided for in the second section of the act au- 1871, ch.116, thorizing the appointment of the said Commissioners, approved March 15 Statv *24- third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one. J. G. Belden he In the ease of James G. Belden, the Commissioners have authority to

  • ”’*’*’~ inquire as to the interest of the widow and heirs of Charles Bodiish, deceased.

Jléh In. the case of Armistead Burwell and Mrs ulia Elliott, widow and

  • ‘ administratrix ot Newell D. Elliott, the Commissioners are directed to

receive and act upon all testimony tiled in the case in the same manner as it' it had been taken orally before them. métddilivval fmt In these cases, mentioned in this section, the Commissioners are - authorized to take additional testimony, both on behalf of the government and the claimant, as the Commissioners may in justice deem proper. 1,878, 243, . Sec. 3. That so much of section one of the act approved June fifteenth, é""?, 63.00, and eighteen hundred and seventyeight, chapter two hundred and forty- 0,,,,,,,8, c,,,,, three, as appropriates the sum of three hundred and thirty-three dollars and thirty—cents to the payment of George B., David J., Edwin, Earnest, and Julius Neal, minor children of George V. Neal, deceased, is hereby repealed, and the like amount is hereby appropriated to the payment of George B., David V., J. Edward, Earnest, and Julius Neal, children of _ George V. Neal, and legatees of Thomas Neal, deceased. }§*g,u*?*· lg? _ Sec. 4. That so much of section one of the act approved March third, 1, 0,,,,,;,,,, 0,8,, eighteen hundred and seventyseven, as appropriates the sum of three hundred and ten dollars to the payment- of Daniel Collins, is hereby repealed, and the like amount is hereby appropriated to the payment of Rebecca Collins, with of Daniel Collins. Approved, March 3, 1879.