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676 CONVENTION—CANADA. JUNE 8 AND 23, 1875. credit of the United States, in the quarterly account, all sums certified from the latter country which remain unpaid at the end of the period specified. On the other hand, the United States Postal Department shall, at the close of each month, transmit to the Postal Department of the Dominion ot Canada, for entry in the quarterly account, a detailed statement: of all orders dispatched from said Dominion which, under this article, become void. Anrrcmc XIII. Repoyingorders. Repayment of an order, not void, to a remitter shall not be made until an authorization therefor shall first have been obtained by the Postal Department of the country of issue irom the Postal Department of the country where such order was made payable; andthe amount of the repaid order shall be duly credited to the former country in the quarterly account. It is the province of each Postal Department to determine the manner in which repayment to the remitter is to be made. Anrronn XIV. Roguimiouo for The orders drawn by each country upon the other shall be subject, as p¤ym¢¤t· regards payment-, to the regulations which govern the payment of domestic orders in the country on which they are drawn. A Aarrcnn XV. Additional rules. The Postal Department of each country shall be authorized to adopt any additional rules, not repugnant to the foregoing, for greater security against iraud, or for the better working of the system generally. All such additional rules, however, must be promptly communicated to the Postal Department of the other country. Anrronn XVI. Commencement The present convention shall take effect on Monday, the 2d day of and d¤¤"¤¤<>¤· August, 1875, and shall continue in force until twelve mon ths after the date at which one of the contracting parties shall have notified to the other its intention to terminate it. Signatures. Done in duplicate, and signed at Washington, on the eighth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy- five, and at Ottawa, Canada, on the twenty-third day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and soventy-tive. §S°,*$)lE°gr$g*€n1;°¤g;’*§,jg; MARSHALL J EWELL, nnim sam. Postmaste2·-General of the United States. seg of the {¤¤t;0¤$,g·= T. FOURNIER., l 1>g£$h$;%i·dou¤aa?i Postmaster-General of the Dominion of Canada. Approval. I hereby approve the foregoing convention, and in testimony thereof 1 have caused the seal of the United States to be hereto atlixed. U. S. GRANT. By the President: {sm of uio Umm sam.} JOHN L_ QADWALADER, Acting Secretary of State. JULY 7, 1875.