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CONVENTION-CANADA. J UNE 8 nm 23, 1875. 68 1 B. No. -. Posr-Omen Dnranrnur, M0¤ar·Om>xa Omen, Ottawa, —— —, —-. Sm: The total number of international money-orders which were issued in the Dominion of Canada from -—- -, 1B-, to -— —, 18-, inclusive, and were certiticd and transmitted by the several exchange offices of -———-——— for pay- ment in the United States, was --, mounting to S;. The total number of such orders, which were issued in the United States during the same period, and were certified and transmitted by said omces for payment in the Dominion of Canada, was 6--. On account of which the Canadian office has already paid the following sums, viz : 1 —, 18- A . . S --— -, 1B- S -— -, 1s- . ... s Difference remaining ... . ... S In accordance with Article VH of the convention of -- -—, 1875, a bill of exchange on New York, N. Y., for Q-- is herewith transmitted, the receipt of which you will be pleased to acknowledge in due form. To the Ponussrsa-Gaxmnan or rua Uxrrnn Srnas, • Washington.