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702 AGREEMENT—NEWFOUNDLAND. Nov. 6, 001*. 23, 1877. N<>v· 6. Oct- 23, Additional article of agreement between the Post-Ojitee Departments of the 1877* · United States of America and Newfoundland. Soma Aizrrroms. Exonangemoney- To facilitate the exchange of money-orders between the United States °'d°’ m°*1»f'°°· and Newfoundland, it is agreed that all money-orders mailed at the exchange offices of the United States and addressed to payees in the colony of Newfoundland, shall be transmissible in the mails between the two countries free of postage. Commencement This article shall take effect immediately, and shall have equal dnrawd d¤¤=*¤i°¤· tion with the postal convention of 20-30 November, 1872, and with the additional articles of agreement concluded thereto. Signatures. Done in duplicate and signed at Washington the sixth day of Novem- _ ber, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven, and at St. Johns the twenty-third day of October, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven. [sun.,] D. M. KEY, Postmaster-General of the United States. JOHN DELAN Y, Postmaster- General of Newfoundland. Approval. I hereby approve the aforegoing additional article, and in testimony thereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be aliixed. [sum,.] R. B. HAYES. By the President : WM. M. Evanrs, Secretary of State. Wssumdmon, November 6, 1877.