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CONVENTION—WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. MAY 20, 1875. 721 in pursuance of a resolution of the solution du Comite et en presence de Intern ations! committee and in the presence of deux de ses membres. P’°*°*YP°“» °°¤*’d- two of its members. The place of deposit of the proto- Le lieu de depot des prototypes types shall be opened only by means ne pourra s’ouvr·ir qn’au moyen de of three keys, one of which shall be trois clefs, dont une sera en la poslll possession of the director of the session du directeur des Archives archives of France, the second in . de France, la. seconde dans celle du that of the chairman of the com- president du Conrite, et la troisieme mittee, and the third in that of the dans celle du directeur du Bureau. director of the bureau. The standards of the class of Les étalons de la catégorie des national prototypes alone shall be prototypes nationaux serviront used for the ordinary comparing seuls aux travaux ordinaires de work of the bureau. comparaisons du Bureau. Anrrorn 19.Arzrrrouz 19. The director of the bureau shall Ledirecteur du Bureau adressera, Reports. annually furnish to the committee: chaque année, au Comite: 1° rm 1st. A iinancial report concerning rapport financier sur les oomptes de the accounts of the preceding year, Pexercice precedent, dont il lui sera, which shall be examined, and, if apres verification, donné decharge; found correct, a certiiicate to that 2** tm rapport sur l’état du mateeffect shall be given him; 2d. A re- riel; 3** un rapport general sur les port on the condition of the appa- travaux accomplis dans le cours ratus; 3d. A general report con- de l’annee ecoulee. cerning the work accomplished during the course of the year just closed. The international committee shall Le Oomite international adressera, make to each of the governments de son coté a tous les Gouverneof the high contracting parties an' ments des Ilautes Parties contracannual report concerning all its sci- tantes un rapport annuel sur l’enentiiic, technical, and administra- semhle de ses operations scientifitive operations, and concerning ques, techniques et administratives those of the btu·eau. The chairman et de celles du Bureau. Le presiof the connnittee shall make a re- dent du Comite rendra compte a la port to the general conference con- Conference generale des travaux cerning the work that has been ac- accomplis depuis Yepoque de sa complished since its last session. derniere session. The reports and publications of Les rapports et publications du the committee shall bein the French Comite et du Bureau seront redi gras language. They shall be printed en langue francaise. Ils seront imand furnished to the governments primes et communiqués aux Gouof the high contracting parties. vernements des Hautes Parties contractantes. Anrrou: 20. Ancrrcrn 20. The contributions referred to in L’eche1le des contributions, dont Computation of article 9 of the convention shall be il est question a Particle 9 de la °°"“"b““°““· paid according to the following Convention, sera etablie ainsi qu’il scale: · suit: The number representing the pop- Le chiilre de la population, exulat ion, expressed in millions, shall prime en millions, sera multiplie par he multiplied by the coellicient three le coefficient 3 pour les Etats dans for states in which the use of the lesquels le systeme metrique est obnxetrical system is obligatory; ligatoire; by the coeilicient two for those in par lc coefficient 2 pour ceux dans which it is optional; _ lesquels il n’est que facultatif; . by the coedicient one for other par le coefficient 1 pour les autres states. Etats. xx-——46