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750 CONVENTION—UNIVERSAIl POSTAL UNION. J UNE 1, 1878. Ratification- Having examined and considered the provisions of the forgoing final protocol, signed at Paris on the lst of J ime, A. D. 1878 relative to the Convention of Paris, signed the same day, the same is by mc, in virtue of the powers vested in the Postmaster-General by law, hereby ratified and approved, by and with the advice and consent of the President of the United States. In witness whereof I have caused the seal of the Post·Office Department of the United States to be hereto aiiixed, with my signature, this 13th day of August, 1878. [snsr.] D. M. KEY, Postmaster- General. ApprovaL I hereby approve the above-mentioned protocol and in testimony thereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be [SEAL'] aiiixed. R. B. HAYES. By the President: F. Snwann, Acting Secretary of State. WASHINGTON, August 13, 1878. Regulations of detail and order for the execution of the Convention for the formation of a Universal Postal Union, concluded at Paris, June 1, 1878. [NOTE.——T11ese regulations, as siglned, were in the French language only. The English translation as been added in Washiiigton.] Detailed regnla- Reglement de detail et d’ordre pour Regulations of Detail and Order for firms- Pexecution de la Convention the execution of the Convention conelue entre lhxllemagne, la concluded between Germany, the République Argentine, l’Autri- Argentine Republic, Austriache-Hongrie, la Belgique, le Bré— Hungary, Belgium, Brazil Densil, le Danemark et les Colonies mark and the Danish Coionies, Danoises, l’Egypte, l’Espagne et Egypt, Spain and the Spanish Colles Colonies Espagnoles, les onies, the United States of North Etats-Unis de l’Amérique du America, France and the French Nord, la France et les Colonies Colonies, Great Britain and cer- Franeaises, la Grande-Bretagne tain British Colonies, British et diverses Colonies Anglaises, India, Canada, Greece, Italy, l’Inde Britam1iquc,le Canada, la Japan, Luxemburg, Mexico Mon- Grece, l’Italie le J apon, le Lux- tenegro, Norway, the Netherembourg, le liZ[exiquc,1e Monte- lands and the Netherland Colonégro, la Norvége, les Pays—Bas nies, Peru, Persia, Portugal and et les Colonies Néerlandaiscs, le the Portuguese Colonies, Rou- Pérou, la Perse,1e Portugal et mania, Russia, Servia, Salvador, les Colonies Portugaises, la Ron- Sweden, Switzerland, and Turmanie, la Russie, la Serbie, le key. Salvador, la Suede, la Suisse, et la Tiuquic.

 Les soussignes, vu Particle 14 The undersigned, in view of Artide la Convention conelue a Paris, cle 14 of the Convention concluded

le 1*** juin 1878, pour la revision du at Paris, June lst, 1878, for the repacte iondamental de l’Union ge- vision of the fundamental compact nerale des Postes, ont, an nom dc of the General Postal Union, have, le1u·s admimstrations respectives, in the name of their respective