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_ 372 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 90. 1881, Wost Virginia- From Lost Crook, via Duck Crook and Wost Milford to mouth Isaacs Continued. Cf80k_ , From St Clara, via Walnut Fork to Loading Crook on routo twolvo thousand two hundred and twenty-four. From Lotart to Point Ploasant. From Ravonswood, via Misor Bottom, Lono Codar, Bollovillo, Harris Ferry, and New England, to Parkorsburgh From Charloston, via Mill Crook, Laurol Fork of Bluo Crook, Odoll’s Kondall’s and Dry Ridgo, to Pleasant Rotroat. From Basnottsvillo, via Fairview, hoad of Plummor’s Run and hoad of Flat Run to Mannington. From Mannington to Sturm’s Mills, on Littlo Bingamon. From Fellowsvillo to Valley Furnace From Lawosvillo to Armettsvillo From Reysor to Hoadvillo. Wisconsin; WISCONSIN. From Morriland to Ossoo. From Baldwin, via Woodsido, to New Centerville From El Paso to Martel. From Rivor Falls to Martel. From Waysido to Groonloaf. From- Mapol Grove to Grimos Station on M. L. S and W. Railroad. From Plainiiold, via East Oasis and Wild Rose to Saxovillo From Albany to Brodhoad. From Antigo, via Norwood, and Hutchins, to Stonoville. From Alloa to Portage From Annaton to Stitzor. From Burnett to Burnott Station From Bear Crook to Union Ridge. From Black River Falls, via Martol to El Paso. t0From Brandon via Fair Water, Markosan and Manchostor to Kings n From Baldwin, via Woodsido, New Contorvillo and Martol to E1 Paso From Contralia, via Hemlock and Vospor, to Carey. From Cold Spring to Fort Atkinson. From Dolaiiold to Railroad Station. From Elk Grove to Elmo. From Fredonia to Railroad Station. From Farmorsvillo to Knowles Station. From Groonwood to Longwood. From Gibbsvillo to Oostburgli. From Hingham to Railroad Station. From Hamburgh, via Nangart and Maine, to Railroad Station. From Hazel Greon, via Fairview to Cuba City. From Lavalle, via Ironton, Limo Ridgo, Sandusky, Koysville and Boar Valloy to Lono Rook. From La Pointo to Bayiiold. From Little Wolf to Royalton. From Lomira to Brownsvillo Station. From Livingston, via Martinsvi1lo,Annaton and Washburn, to Rowoy. From Magnolia to Railroad Station. From Marquotto, via Grand Prario, Wost Groon Lako and Groon Lako to Ripon. From Neillsvillo via Christio and Greenwood, to Longwood, From Richland Contor, via Ithioa, Loyd and Wostford to Cazonoviu. From Rico Lake to Cumborland. From Tabor to Lamborton. From Theresa to Mayville. From Watertown to Lebanon. From Waoousta to Railroad Station.