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FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. C11. 129. 1881. 383 their constituents; and the persons receiving such seeds shall inform the department of the results of the experiments therewith: Provided, That Proviso. all seeds, plants, and cuttings herein allotted to Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Congress for distribution remaining uncalled for _ at the end of the fiscal year shall be distributed by the Commissioner of Agriculture: Provided further, That three thousand dollars of this sum Proviso. shall be expended in the discretion of the Commissioner in experiments Cotton, experifor the improvement of the varieties and culture of cotton: And provided m<>¤t¤i;¤ <>¤l*¤¤¤> of also, That the Commissioner shall report, as provided in this act, the P'""""' place, quantity, and price of seeds purchased, from whom purchased, and the date of purchase. But nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prevent the Commissioner of Agriculture from sending flower, garden, and other seeds to those who apply for the same. And the amount herein appropriated shall not be diverted or used for any other purpose but for the purchase, propagation, and distribution of improved and valuable seeds, plants, cuttings, and vines. For experiments in connection with the culture and manufacture of _ Tw, ¤¤P¢1‘i¤¤¢¤*¤ tea, in the discretion of the Commissioner of Agriculture, ten thousand m °“1*’“”“· °°°·· "f· dollars, which shall be available immediately. Ex1>EE11rEN1·AL GARDEN AND GROUNDS. For labor in experimental garden, five thousand dollars; plant—pots, Labor. ¤¢¤- two hundred and fifty dollars · continuing repairs and painting greenhouses, and so forth, five hundred dollars · purchasing and propagating new plants and seeds of economic value, five hundred and litty dollars; tools for green-houses, one hundred and fifty dollars; repairs to heating apparatus, new pipes, and so forth, four hundred and fifty dollars; charcoal, sand, and sod for potting plants, one hundred dollars; in all, seven thousand dollars. COLLECTING, MODELING, AND so FORTH. For collecting and modeling specimens of fruits and vegetables, and f1_£l’°°lm°“° °f collecting and preparing specimens for the museum and herbarium, one I °‘ · thousand dollars. ‘ FURNITURE AND REPAIRS. mguupitum and For repairs of building, heating apparatus, furniture, carpets and · matting, water and gas pipes, and so forth, four thousand dollars. Lmiumr. I·il¤r¤r·y· For entomological and botanical works of reference, works on chemistry, mineralogy, and charts, current agricultural works for library, miscellaneous agricultural periodicals, and the completion of imperfect series, one thousand dollars. HTVESTIGATION AS T0 1NsE01*S INJUBIOUS T0 AGRICULTURE. For investigating the history and habits of insects injurious to agri- I“¤°°*’°· culture; for experiments in ascertaining the best means of destroying them; chemicals, traveling, and other expenses in the practical work of the entomological division, twenty thousand dollars: Provided, That to P'°”“°· enable the Entomological Commission to complete and publish the data already obtained by them, with the investigations made, the sum of tive thousand dollars of said sum of twenty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, to be expended under the direction of said comm1ssion ; and the report of the said commission, and an itemized statement of their expenditures, shall be made to the Commissioner of Agriculture.