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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 129, 130. 1881. 385 ing, dry-goods, soap, brushes, brooms, mats, oils, paints, glass, lumber, hardware, ice, purchasing supplies, and for necessary items, including ` actual traveling expenses while on the busines of the department, ten thousand dollars. BUILDING FOR THE DISPLAY OF THE AGRICULTURAL IMIPLEMENTS. For the purpose of erecting a building on the Agricultural grounds Building for sgier the display of all agricultural implements that may be presented to ¥i¤¤l¤¤1‘¤l i¤¤Dl¤- rne department for exhibition therein, ten thousand dollars, to be avail- “‘°““· able immediately. For labor, new implements, repair of tools, wagons and carts, manure, Labor, etc. and purchasing trees for arboretum, five thousand dollars. » Repairing and resurfacing the concrete roads and walks on the grounds, R e a i r o f three thousand dollars. groimgs. Sec. 2. That the Commissioner of Agriculture is hereby directed and Accounts and required to account and report to the proper accounting officers of the 1`°P°1">¤· Treasury in the same manner and at the same times as the heads of executive departments of the government are now required by law to account and report. Sec. 3 That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent or in conflict with _ Repeal provia the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. mm- Approved, March 3, 1881. CHAP. 130.-An act making appropriations for the legislative, executive and judi- March 3, 1881. cial expenses of the government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen —···—·——·· hundred and eighty-two, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and Apprvprletivnvthe same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury L§·‘5‘“1"""‘[,°». not otherwise appropriated, in full compensation for the service of the Z?,;} v°’ °° Ju l' fiscal year ending J ime thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, for the objects hereinafter expressed, namely: LEGISLATIVE. Legislative. SENATE. , For compensation of Senators, three hundred and eighty thousand Senators' comdollars. P°¤¤¤·l¤°¤· For mileage of Senators, thirty-three thousand dollars. Mi1ea§°· For compensation of the officers, clerks, messengers, and others re- Officers, clerks, cciving an annual salary in the service of the Senate, two hundred and ,’;“£“jl€’s“¥f,‘;;';:;1a,“s‘;,‘l Seven thousand seven hundred and thirty-one dollars and twenty-six ,,,.y_ ’ cents, namely: For Secretary of the Senate, four thousand five hundred dollars, including compensation as disbursing officer of the contingent fund of the Senate, and for compensation as disbursing officer of salaries of Senators, three hundred and ninety-six dollars ; hire of horse and wagon for the Secretary’s office, twelve hundred dollars, chief clerk, three thousand dollars; principal clerk, principal executive clerk, mmute and journal clerk, financial clerk, and enrolling clerk, two thousand five hundred and ninety-two dollars each; librarian, and six clerks in the office of the Secretary of the Senate, at two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars each; assistant librarian, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars, five clerks in the office of the Secretary of the Senate, at two thousand one hundred dollars each. For keeper of the stationery, two thousand one hundred and two dollars and forty cents; assistant keeper of stationery, one thousand eight hundred dollars; two messengers, one thousand two hundred and ninety-six dollars each, one assistant in the stationery room, one thouxxi-25