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388 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 130. 1881. ant librarians, four in all,_at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; and one page, at sixty dollars per month. Bookkeeper and For bookkeeper and four clerks, one thousand six hundred dollar 01BYkS. Bach. 8 Laborers. For one laborer in the bath-room, seven hundred and twenty dollars . Telegraph ope- four laborers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each - one tele a li '“°*· operator, seven hundred and twenty dollars. 7 gr P

njC1erks to oom~ h For clerk {
0 the Committee on Ways and Means, two thousand tivo

un ol ars· assistant c erk one thousand two hundred d ll · m<§senger, one thousand dollars., F 0 mh or clerk to the ommittee on Appropriations two tho d 5 hundred dollars · assistant clerk, one thousand six hundreldsadbllarxse messenger, one thousand dollars. ’ ·or clerk to the Committee on the Judiciary clerk to the Co 'ttee on Claims, clerk to the Committee on the Pdblic Lands, clerkmtld the Committee on Claims, clerk to the Committee on Invalid Pensions clerk to Committee on the District of Columbia, and clerk to the Com; mittee on Commerce, at two thousand dollars each. _ Fgr agsisltagntlclerk to the Committee on War Claims, one thousand si _ Privatesecretary §§*0;~m gs- .1, 0 MS;] h - to Spmm. IMS p a e secre ary to the Speaker, one thousand eight hundred dol- C1°'k°· - ger clerk to the Speaker, one thousand six hundred dollars. { ¤·»»g-W - r.- F3? §§5ge.3$.$.§£.iik§€ Sift? F‘i£.‘““"" El "““é"°°‘ "°““"‘ Arms, M_ d lm I f useo presen ves, our thousand o s, or one horse and wagon, for his use,1ive hundred dollars; clerk to the Sergeantat-Arms, two thousand one hundred dollars; pay- mg-teller to the Sergeant-at-Arms, two thousand dollars; messenger to the Sergeant-at-Arms, one thousand two hundred dollars ; and one page, at sixty dollars per month; and for laborer in the office of the Sergeant- D at·Arms, six hundred and sixty dollars. Msiggggsrer Md For Doorkeeper, two thousand five hundred dollars; assistant door- ' 1£;1£f(;‘;¤v(;:>)l{Jhousand dollars; clerk for Doorkeepexg one thousand two Chief engineer For one chi,eP1§e1i;m;g1§ 3;; thousand two hmmm douam W; ,,,,,,,,,,,,,ms_ , _ , thousand seven hundred dollars; two assistant engineers, one thousand two hundred dollars each; and one gié<31‘<§g1E§;1g hgndred and twenty dollars; five firemen, at nine hull- 5:’§;;l‘i;§*¤· V For one elegtiician, one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars; wld of Aw,m£·:°,;:3 oléehlaborpg, eight hundred dollars. And hereafter the electrician, t0- ,,,,;,;,,,,; ,,0 ,,,,,,,,0, S0I' W1 Gvérythlllg pertaining to the electrical machinery and ftpof spe,,k.,,-_ paratus, and all laborers and others connected with the lighting, boat mg, and Ventilating the House, shall be subject exclusively to tho 01'd0I‘S; and_m all respects under the direction, of the Architect of the Capitol, subject to the control of the Speaker; and no removal or appointment shall be made except with his approval. And all engineers and others

331 M8 rgllgihged in heating and ventilating the House shall be Sllbjwt

the 30 t0{B, and m all respects under the direction, of the Architect of _ap1 o ,sub_1ect to the control of the Speaker; and no removal or Mmm] m to appointment shall be made except with his approval. Home ubgg,-y_ wligr “;_°dm°SS6¤§0fS ill the House library, at three dollars and sixty Superiptgudgnt FGI_1;;, thousand SIX 8iDd twentveight d()u3.I'S.

e14ing-m,,m_ clerks iupiafgg gggggt of the folding-room, two thousand dollars; th1‘%

r·,.,..rei and two at one o.§.;.f.`Zr°‘L”s..‘I”.‘i..‘“’;f.r°“§ l"§’““‘“" °‘g"“ "““P""°‘l 5mi"? d0cumc,,,,_m,,m_ the doc U Y0 0 lars each ;_ superrnten on 0 mem r0El)¥[:;¤1;t1jD<;;>(i¤,1;two theugand dollars; chief assistant m the d00W _ Mmmgm on four hundred downs. HS2111 ollars , document file clerk, one thousand ,,,,d,m,m,,_ h Far fgugtew messengers on the eo1r1iere>ro11,at one thousand two M¤¤¤¤¤g<>r¤ and udoiieeighialiiéilesssieachl 4, h mmm, USGFS, ¤· ollo thousand two hundred dollars each' tw messengers, at one thousand dollars each; seven laborers at seven,hun-