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416 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 132. 1851, Dakota. For the legislative expenses of theTerritory of Dakota, six thousand one hundred and eighty dollars. _ · mario. For the legiggtive expenses of the Territory of Idaho, seven thousand and thirty do s. Arizona. For the legislative expenses of the Territory of Arizona, six thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. INTERNAL REVENUE. Salaries and ox- For additional amount to pay salaries and expenses of agents and suri><>i¤¤¤¤ of ¤e¤¤’¤¤, veyors, and fees and expenses of gaugers, and for salaries of storekeop

"‘}Z;"`?é‘8’·l,d *325 ers, and for miscellaneous expenses of internal revenue for the yea;

1881; eighteen hundred and eighty-one six hundred thousand dollars, and {gr the ygar leiighteen hundred and eighty, one hundred and thirty-five · thousand dollars. 1879. To pay amounts found due by accounting officer s for salaries and expenses of agents and subordinate officers of internal revenue for eighteen hundred and seventyrine, four hundred and seventy-five dollars. Dies, paper, and For additional amount for dies, paper, and stamps for the use of the stamps inteiénall plevenuedfgruthe year eighteen hundred and eighty-one, one hun re thousand dollars. Amounts duo for To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers on account of 9}¤}¤¤g?m°¤';,¤, fm` punishments for violation of internal-revenue laws for eighteen hundred VW_" N? ° m °?"' and eighty, two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars and seventy- nal revenue law s, . . . mg Md1g8g_ iivg tights; for eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, eighty-one dollars an ty cents. LIFE·SAVlING STATIONS. _ Life-saving sew- For fuel for lifesaving stations, life-boat stations, and houses of refuge · M- repairs and oututs for the same; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations; traveling expontingent and penses of officers under orders from the TreasuryDepartment ; and con- ¤¤¤¤¤U¤¤¤•>¤¤ ¢>¤- tingent expenses, including freight, storage, repairs to apparatus, med-

  • ‘°““°“‘ als, stationery, advertising, and miscellaneous expenses that cannot be

included under any other head of life-savin g stations on the coasts of the United States, including the rebuilding of the stations at Pea Island, North Carolina, and Brazos Santiago, Texas, and the renewal of apparatus and supplies for said stations, twelve thousand dollars. LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT. Commissions to To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers to collectors of xkcggisdgiuxi customs for commissions, at two and one-half per centum, on disbursements as S,,pmn_ ments made by them as superintendents of lights, during eighteen hullygudgntg ,,5 hghm dredsand eighty, three hundred and eighty dollars and seventy-SGVGH cen . · Miscellaneous. MISCELLANEOUS. IWW- For rent of telephones, and incidental expenses connected therewith, for eighteen hundred and eighty-one, two hundred and fifty dollars. For arranging and binding canceled marine papers, requisitions, and other important records; sealing ships’ registers, newspapers, books, hélilldéstapilps, ang igepairs of the same, for eighteen hundred and eighty- one, wo thousand dollars. ‘ For repairs and preservation of public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, twenty thousand dollars. For vaults, safes, and locks, and repairs of the same, for all public buildings under the Treasury Department for eighteen hundred and eighty-one,_seven thousand dollars. For heating, hoisting, and ventilating apparatus, and repairs of the

¥»v!;1l<;gr`0é‘h1:)l£l;c(§>r:1ddiu;irgs under the control of the Treasury Departmev li,

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