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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 132. 1881. 417 ‘ Furniture and repairs of furniture, and carpets, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, thirty thousand dollars. For fuel, light, and water, and miscellaneous items required by the janitors and firemen in the proper·care of the public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, fifty thousand dollars. For constructing elevator in the court-house and post-office building at Indianapolis, Indiana, ten thousand dollars. To pay B. F. Scribner, late special agent at the seal-iisheries in B. F. Scribner, Alaska, salary and traveling expenses for eighteen hundred and eighty, I>¤y1¤<>¤* tothree hundred and twenty-nine dollars and ten cents; and to pay J. W. J. W. Beaman, Beaman, late special agent at the seal-fisheries in Alaska, salary and P¤5’¤¤>¤¤ ¢<>· traveling expenses for eighteen hundred and eighty, two hundred and · seventy-seven dollars and ten cents. To pay two assistant agents at the seal-fisheries in Alaska, at the rate Assistant agents of two thousandone hundred and ninety dollars each per annum, one M ¤<>=~l ¤Sh<>ri¤¤- thousand and ninety-five dollars; and for necessary traveling expenses, at the rate of six hundred dollars each per annum, three hundred dollars; in all, one thousand three hundred and ninety-five dollars. To pay the judgment of the United States circuit court for the south- EdwM‘<i1S- Shereru district of New York in favor of Edward S. Sherman, plaintiii, and ":ff‘l>·l‘;‘lf*i"‘*"*f‘1{;`¤ against Moses H. Grinnell, former collector of customs of the port of :§;€’,l,QT,j1_ °“°S ` New York, defendant, including damages, one thousand one hundred and thirty dollars and seventy-nine cents. For the expenses of providing suitable apparatus for the assay lab. l.ab<n·aun~y in oratory in in connection with the office of the Director of the Mint, three Offf I3"°°*‘” hundred dollars. 0 “1° m ‘ To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to perfect the title of the Marine hospital, government of the United States to the marine hospital at Wilmingtori, W’1'““’f€*°“» N· C· North Carolina, once sold to Doctor J. Francis King, and now in litigation, the sum of two_ thousand and fifty dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the ninth installment P<>n¤py1va·niv» of the war—claim of the State of Pennsylvania, duly allowed by the ac- “"“‘°li““‘· counting officers of the Treasury by settlement made February first, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, five thousand one hundred and fifty- six dollars and six cents. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the war-claim of the Connecticut war- State of Connecticut, duly allowed by the accounting officers of the °]"““· Treasury, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three thousand and eightyeight cents. For refunding to States expenses incurred in raising volunteers under Refund to States the laws: To the State of Kansas, twenty-six thousand six hundred and f" four dollars and five cents; to the State of New York, twenty-one thou- Kang,,' Sand four hundred and twentyene dollars and thirteen cents. _ New York. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the just contribution International to the maintenance of the International Bureau of W'eights and eas- Eglygzgguxglghts 11FoS, in conformity with the terms of the convention of May twentieth, " ' eighteen hundred and seventy-five, for eighteen hundred and eighty-one and prior years, two thousand three hundred and forty-nve dollars and seventy-seven cents. _ . For compensation of R. H. Thurston for two years services as secretary R C‘E*P*i*;;*;*:;;f]° of the board for testing iron and steel, under act of Marchthird, eight- ,,;,,,,,1;, mm ami BGD hundred and seventyfive, from the thirticth of June, eighteen hun- Swap dred and seventy-seven, to the thirticth of June, eighteen hundred and 1875, en. 130, S6V€I1iJy-nine, the sum of two thousand four hundred dollars, being h1S Stab 18» 4O0· fixed compensation. _ To pay John Scott Cunningham the sum as provided for in the act of Di·;°*;;I§°°** C“¤‘ February eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, one thousand two g ‘ hundred and eighty-four dollars and nineteen cents. _ To pay Mary E. Walker claim for services rendered by her 9.8 2. tem- aM;;>;1{”£IV"·lk°1`> P01‘&1'y clerk in the Treasury Department for one year from July four- P l ` teenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, nine hundred dollars. xxx--27