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PRIVATE ACTS OF THE FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS - or mn _ UNITED STATES, Passed at the third session, which was begun and held at the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, on Monday, the sixth dag of December, 1880, and was adjourned without day on Friday, the fourth day of March, 1881. RUTHEBFORD B. HAYES, President: WILLIAM A. WHEELER., Vice-President, and President of the Senate. ALLEN G. THURMAN was elected President of the Senate pro tempore on the seventh of April, 1880. He was again chosen on the sixth day of May, 1880. SAMUEL J. RANDALL, Speaker of the House of Representatives. CHAP. 3.-An act granting a pension to Thomas Pettijohn Dec. 17, 1880. Be it anactedbg the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Inte- Thomas_ Petrir1or be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to place the name of ·l°h°» P°“°*°“- Thomas Pettijohn, late corporal of Company D, Ninth Regiment Minnesota Volunteers, on the pension-roll, subject to the limitations and provisions of the pension laws, for total blindness. Approved, December 17, 1880. CHAP. 11.-—An act granting an increase of pension to J. J. Purman. Dec. 23, 1880. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Bidi0s_ of America in Congress assembled, That J. Jackson Purman, late J· J%°k¤°¤ Pm'; ETSI? lloutenaut in the_0ne hundred and fortieth Regiment Pennsylvania {‘Q'Q;‘;,g0,;“°"““° ° Volunteer Infantry, be, and he is hereby, granted and allowed, from and ` after the passage of this act, a pension at the rate of thirty dollars per mon th; and the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized anddirected to place the name of said J. Jackson Purmau on the pensionroll at said rate, in lieu of the pension now paid him. Approved, December 23, 1880. CHAP. 12.-An not for the relief of Charles W. Abbot, a ipséy-director, and W. W. Dec. 23, 1880. Barry, a passed assistant paymaster, in the Unite tates Navy. -·····—··"""' Be it enacted ln; the Senate and House of Representatives of the United SWW8 of America in Congress assembled, That Charles 'W. Abbot, a pay- boghgggi Q dH'00l30I‘, and W. W, Barry, 3, passed assistant paymastel', 111 the U-Illlldd Barry, ,.0m,f bf_ ° States Navy, be, and they are hereby, released from liability or loss in consequence of the embezzlement of two thousand six hundred and Eve dollars and fifty-four cents, by R. J. O’Reil1y,a paymaster’s clerk m the navy-yard at Boston. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to refund to said Abbot the sum of seven hundred a·¤U,¤1{1oty-seven dollars and fifteen cents, and to said Barry one thousand eight hundred and eight dollars and thirty-nme cents, out of any money m the Treasury not otherwise appropriated Approved, December 23,_ 1880. 601