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GIG FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 106. 1881. Claimants. William Elliott and Lankford Warfield, executors of James Elliott, deceased, Knox County, one hundred and thirty-six dollars and twenty- tive cents. Horace Edelin, Washington County, two hundred dollars. J. Wesley Essex, Nelson County, ninety dollars and fifty cents. James C. Fortune, administrator of Lewis Fortune, Montgomery County, one hundred dollars. William S. Floyd, Shelby County, seventy-five dollars. Alethia Ford, La Rue County, nve hundred and twenty dollars. T. B. Gorin, Warren County, one hundred dollars and eighty cents. James A. Graham, Warren County, one hundred and fifty-five dollars. John H. Grider, Y/Varren County, fifty-six dollars. John Gregory, senior, Muhlenburgh County, nity-five dollars. James F. Grimsley, Monroe County, one hundred dollars. Lucien Gillenwater, Monroe County, seventy-tive dollars. Hugh Herd, Clay County, one hundred dollars. Mary A. Hodge, Warren County, two hundred and twenty-two dollars and eighty cents. Isaac L. Hynes, Meade County, nineteen dollars. Richard Hardy, administrator of J. O. Hardy, Logan County, three hundred and ten dollars. Levi Hoskins, Knox County, eighteen dollars. Jordan Hughes, Marion County, ninety dollars. James H. Hays, Washington County, two hundred and thirty dollars. Proctor Hinton, Hardin County, one hundred and twentyhve dollars. David Humphrt-y, Barren County, thirty-tive dollars. John Helton, Knox County, thirty-seven dollars and nfty cents. Amelia A. Heaton, formerly Gardner, Logan County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. Thomas J. Hood, Monroe County, one hundred and twenty five dollars. Estate of Thomas Hurt, deceased, Clinton County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. Mary Jones, administratrix of John J. Jones, deceased, Knox County, four hundred and iorty-eight dollars. Casander L. Jepson, Simpson County, one hundred and fifty dollars. N. B. Jackson, Warren County, sixty-one dollars and sixty cents. B. P. Jones, Christian County, sixty-nine dollars. John S. Jones, Knox County, one hundred and twenty dollars. Willis Johnson, Hart County, forty-nine dollars. Jeremiah Jones, Whitley County, twenty-tour dollars and seventy- nve cents. ‘ William Keilty, Nelson County, one hundred and ten dollars. Andrew J. King, Rockcastle County, seventy dollars. andrew C. King, Whitley County, ninety-three dollars and seventy cen s. Eliza J. Loving, Warren County, one hundred and forty dollars. William J. Logsdon, Hart County, one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents. John Lambert, Union County, two hundred and eighty dollars. Frederick Luker, administrator of Frank Luker or Laker, deceased, Jefferson County, one hundred and ninety-seven dollars and fifty cents. C. A. Kelley, administrator of Robert M. Lee, deceased, Bullitt County, one hundred and twenty dollars. S. P. Hogg, administrator of A. D. McGuire, deceased, Lee County, two hundred and fifty dollars. S. B. Merrifield, administrator of S. B. Merrifield, deceased, Nelson County, eight hundred and four dollars. d Jlenme W. McGoodwin, Warren County, one hundred and nfty-five o ars. Beverly Mann, Nelson County, thirty dollars and eighty-five cents. A. S. Marrs, Warren County, one hundred and forty dollars. Joseph G. Mcador, Warren County, one hundred and twenty dollars.