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C18 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. lll. Ch. 100. 1881. Claimants- Alexander W. Thomas, J eiferson County, forty-two dollars and {my. t officents. WHiram Thompson, Knox County, twenty-two dollars and twenty-tive cents. J. G. Kyle administrator of Nancy P. Thompson, deceased, Mercer County, five hundred and fifty-five dollars. James C. Elam, administrator of Alexander S. Wa-ldeok, deceased, Morgan County, four hundred and eightyseven dollars and twenty cents. James M. Wilson, and Elizabeth, his wife, Pulaski County, eighty dollars. Silas Wolverton, Fayette County, three hundred and forty dollars. Isaac N. and James F. Williams, Allen County, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. B. Winston, Logan County, one hundred and forty dollars and eight cents. Alfonzer Whitney, Barren County, nine hundred dollars. John H. Devasher, administrator of J. M. Wheeler, deceased, Allen County, ninety-five dollars. William B. Read, executor of John Walters, La Rue County, one hundred and nity-five dollars. William T. Walker, La Rue County, one hundred and eighty dollars. Samuel S. Young, Hart County, two hundred and sixty-three dollars. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Martha E. Mathiot, executrix of George Mathiot, deceased, Washington County, one hundred and two dollars and nineteen cents. David Moore, Washington County, two hundred and forty-eight dollars and twenty~two cents. George E. Moore, junior, Washington County, five hundred and twenty-six dollars and seventy-three cents. _ Elizabeth Watsoii, administratrix of Lewis Watson, deceased, Washington County, one thousand five hundred and ninety-six dollars and ninety cents. COLORADO. d Asa F. Middaugh, Arapahoe County, four hundred and eighty-four o ars. IOWA. Samuel Smith, Dallas County, two hundred and twenty dollars. ILLINOIS. Elisha A. Peterson, Towanda County, fifty dollars. James Watson Douglas County, one hundred and thirlynve dollars. KANSAS. John Harrell, administrator of Joseph Anderson, deceased, Douglas County, two hundred and seventy dollars. - 1a}Vul01‘0uS Brown, Jeferson County, one hundred and twenty-flV<> d0l· rs. Charles J. Darling. Labette County eighty dollars. Williann L. Lewis, Miami County, eighty-Eve dollars. Daniel Howe, Allen County, one hundred and twentydivc dollars. Bengamm F. Walton, Allen County, one hundred dollars. MISSOURI. W. C. Atkinson, Texas County, fifty dollars and forty cents. F. W. Barnes, Boone County, one hundred and twentyfive dollars.