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626 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 106. 1881. fllaimants. Rebecca E. Bartlett, administratrix of G. M. Bartlett, Shelby County, one thousand and fifteen dollars. Samuel Byram, executor of James C. Barry, Robertson County, two hundred dollars. _ T. N. Black, Henderson County, three hundred and thirty dollars. Calvin J. Burrow, Bedford County, one hundred dollars. George R. Brasfield, administrator of A. C. Brasfield, deceased, Weakley County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Mary Batte, formerly Mary Sykes, Giles County, two hundred dollars. G. W. Binkley, administrator of Henry Binkley, deceased, Cheatham Coimty, one hundred dollars. Miles R. Baker, Weakley County, one hundred and forty dollars. James T. Blair, Roane County, one thousand dollars. William B. Bryson, Cannon County, two hundred and fifty-five dollars. Wesley A. Blazer, Sevier County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. James A. Black, Carroll County, one hundred and forty dollars. Louisa Black, execurrix of Leander Black, deceased, Fayette County, one thousand tour hundred and forty-two dollars and ten cents. Robert Bumpass, Lawrence County, one hundred dollars. John Boyd, Giles County, two hundred and sixty dollars. William W. Bishop, Lawrence County, forty dollars. T. J., E. S., M. C., and G. M. Bounds, Knox County, four hundred and twenty-five dollars. Alvis Barker, Gibson County, two hundred dollars. Thomas Buchanan, Williamson County, three hundred and seven dollars and fifty cents. lméames W. Baker, Madison County, one hundred and thirty-five dol· Joseph Bunch, Maury County, one hundred dollars. d Archibald Brockwell, Washington County, one hundred and twenty o ars. lmgarriet Bell, Rutherford County, one hundred and twenty-five dol- William A. Baugh, Giles County, fifty dollars and forty cents. George L. Bird, Sevier County one hundred and fifty-tive dollars. J. R. Bland, administrator of C. Bland, deceased, Lincoln County, one hundred and twentyilve dollars. George W. Boyd, Williamson County, eighty dollars. C. Y. Giles, administrator of John Bolerjaok, Gibson County, one thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars. d Jlames M. Barnard, Claiborne County, three hundred and forty-three 0 ars James M. Brown, Shelby County, one hundred dollars. William A. Baugh, Giles County, three thousand two hundred and seventy-five dollars. J. B. Bradbury, administrator of John Bradbury, deceased, Madison County, four hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty cents. R. B. Hays, administrator of Williamson Birthwright, Wilson County, five hundred and five dollars. B. M. Bains, Smith County, one hundred dollars. W. _J. Bishop, Fayette County, eighty dollars. Claiborn Brown, Knox County ninety dollars. B. M. Chandler, executor of John Chandler, deceased, Sevier County, one tghousand three hundred and ninety-five dollars and seventy-tive cen . Ehzabeth C. Caswell, Knox County, five hundred dollars and twenty- live cents. lmrzohn A. Clark, Cheatham County, one hundred and thirty-ftvé d0l· B. H. Cobb, Knox County, two thousand one hundred and ninety dollars and sixty-two cents.