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628 FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 106. 1881, Cmmants. Presley Drinkard, Lincoln County, one hundred dollars. William Dix, Davidson County, one hundred and twenty-nine dollars and seventy-five cents. Elizabeth Davenport, Montgomery County, one hundred dollars. S. L. Draper, Davidson County, one hundred and sixty dollars. Thomas N. Duncan, Carroll County, two hundred and eighty dollars. Margaret Walker, administratrix of Jesse W. Dobbs, deceased, Meigs County, two hundred and forty dollars. Isaac Deaton, McNairy County, eighty dollars. R. D. Doyle, administrator of Joshua Doyle, deceased, Hardeman County, two hundred and fourteen dollars. Mary B. Douglas, administratrix of Dayid D. Douglas, Fayette County, five hundred and fifty-seven dollars and fifty cents. Louisa C. Dumas, Henry County, seven hundred and thirty dollars. Nancy P. Dickie, Henderson Coéinty, seventy-tive dollars. James H. Dickson, Weakley ounty, one hundred and thirty-nve dollars. Wilson Demumbra, Cheatham County, one hundred and ten dollars. George C. Dromgoole, Rutherford County, three hundred and twenty six dollars and twenty-tive cents. d Augustine Evans (supplemental), Hamilton County, two hundred o lars. Littleton Ellis, Davidson County, five hundred and forty-ve dollars. ·Abner Edwards, Cheatham County, one hundred and ten dollars. W. S. Edgmond, McMinn County, two hundred and sixty dollars. James E. English, Lincoln County, two hundred dollars. E. F. Everly, administrator of George Ever1y,deceased, Giles (Bounty, four hundred and forty dollars. Elias Ely, Claiborne County, two hundred and twenty-tive dollars. Cacmpbell Fir, Sevier County, one hundred and sixty-seven dollars an wenty-eig· t cents. Eli Fox, J efferson County, one hundred and fifty-seven dollars. Powhatan French, Vlfarren County, sixty-two dollars. J. H. Fry, Henderson County, one hundred and fifty dollars. d (ahristopher C. Forrester, Lincoln County, one hundred and sixty-five o ars. Nelson Fox, administrator of Calvin Fox, deceased, Sevier County, forty-five dollars. Mary J. Freeland, Carroll County, one hundred and twenty dollars. AZT, Foster, Giles County, one hundred and fifty dollars. 1 .W1ulC Fort, Hardeman County, four hundred and seventy-five dollars. Dorcas Finley, administratrix of William H. Finley, deceased, Blount County, one hundred and ninety-four dollars. John Frazier, Bledsoe County, one hundred and five dollars. SB; Foster, ginox County, two hundred and forty-three dollars and n y- ve cen s. fi\·;a;es A. Galbreath, Knox County, forty-eight dollars and seVOI1©y· Y n s. Isaac C. Grant, Knox County, two hundred and thirty-four dollars. Anderson Gann, J eiierson County, three dollars. A. C. Grizzard, Davidson County, four hundred and fiftytwo dollars and fifty cents. lagalen E. Green, Madison County, one hundred and twenty-tive d0}- doizrguel Goodwin, Madison County, four hundred and seventyfn 6 _ O H. T. Gordon, administrator of Jeremiah Hobson, deceased, Mft11i")' ounty, one hundred and fifty dollars. I James W. Glass, Madison County, three hundred and thirtytwo dollars and twenty-five cents.