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634 rorrrrsrxrn ooueuuss. sms. rrr. on. 106. 1881. Olaimemts- James W. Rentiro McMinn County, five hundred and ten dollars. John T. Roberts, Weakley County, two hundred and seventy-eight dollars. . John L. Ramsey, Meigs County, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. Virginia F. Rowland, administratrix of W. J. Rowland, deceased, Montgomery County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. Daniel H. Rankin, Obion County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Thomas H. Rutherford, Wilson County, five hundred dollars. Matthew Rutledge, Shelby County, one hundred- and twenty-five dollars. Andrew J. Roberts, Wayne County, two hundred and nity dollars. Allen Robnett, Wayne County, seventy-six dollars. A. H. Rose, Hardeman County, three hundred and forty-two dollars. Thomas P. Rutherford, Knox County, one hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. William Ramsey, junior, Warren County, one hundred and twenty- five dollars. · Jeremiah R. Robnett, Wayne County, one hundred dollars. · George M. Rogers, Humphrey County, six hundred and twenty-two dollars. David Rutledge Shelby County, two hundred and fifty dollars. Alexander Reid, Williamson County two hundred and eighty-nine dollars and hfty cents. Joel Rushing, Madison County, one hundred and sixty dollars. William T. Randle, Shelby County, two hundred and forty dollars. Catharine Reed, Washington County, eighty dollars. Frederick Rule Knox County, one hundred and uve dollars. Wiley Russell, Wilson County, four hundred and sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents. J. R. T. Ransom, Marshall County, two hundred and twenty dollars. Ruffin J. Rigsbee, Sumner County, three hundred and eighty-one dollars. David W. Rogers, Claiborne County, one hundred and thirty-hve dollars. Jane Redman, administr·atrix of Valentine Redman, deceased, Hardy _ County, two hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. A. G. Smalling, Sullivan County, one hundred and five dollars. William E. Sims, Sevier County, one hundred dollars. James M. Shields, Giles County, two hundred and thirty-five dollars. Mary Smith, Fayette County, seven hundred and fifty-six dollars and fifty cents. Abner T. Shaw, Davidson County, three hundred and five dollars. R. W. Shaifer, Davidson County, one thousand six hundred and thirty- five dollars. William Slaydon, J eiferson County, sixty-four dollars. C. S. Smith, administrator of Alexander Simmons, deceased, Wilson County, two hundred and eleven dollars and ten cents. J. G. Sawyer, I)avidson County, one hundred and nfty-six dollars. Philip S. Stump, Davidson County, six hundred and ufty dollars. Joseph Smith, Wilson County, one hundred dollars. A. W. Skinner, McNairy County, one hundred dollars. M. A. Schimmler, administrator of John Schimmler, deceased, Davidson County, nine hundred and fifty dollars. Nicey Slinkhard, Davidson County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Josiah Smith, Wilson County, two hundred and fifty dollars. Catharine Sykes, Lincoln County, one hundred dollars. F. J. Shultz, Sevier County, one hundred dollars. A. G. Scales, Williamson County, one thousand two hundred and sixty- eight dollars and forty cents. John G. Stuart, administrator of Samuel Savely, deceased, Sumner County, one hundred and fifty dollars