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FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. BES. 2, 3, 4. 1879. - 49 [No. 2.] Joint resolution relating to $1121 tplrganization of the National Board of April 18, 1879. 0 —-é-L-. da,Wth;r?I.s ttheé gatignal llioardhof lillealth met in Washington on Tues- Preamble. so r1e1 een un .' mma imhnediately to orlganizg and act undleiftliel lsvivggtalbhglrinagltbnich Bogrcd ang so continued from day to day until Saturday the fifth of said month ; an Vghgreasi the tgerpbersdin attéelndange whg had bwmgoinmd upon suc oar y e residen roug ina vertenceto take the oath of office prescribed by law whereby the validity of the previous action of such Board has been brought in question: Therefore, Resolved bg the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That such organization N¤l¤i¤¤=¤·l Beard andhagtiondbefl the samel is hereby ratified, and thatétihze memlbeas of °f H°"·“’h· suc oar s a e en i e to compensation just as i e h een duly qualified previously to entering upon their duties. y Approved, April 18, 1879. [N0. 3.] Joint resolution authorizing the Public Printer to bind in cloth two volumes June 9, 1879. of Sailing Directions for the United States Hydrographic Oilioe. ———-——— Whereas the first and second volumes of a book entitled the “Coasts Preamble. and Islands of the Mediterranean Sea", published by the United States Hydrographic Office, have been bound in clrcftih, apd the third and iourth volumes are now in course of preparation: ere ore ‘ Resolved by the Senate and 1-Iovse of Representatives tf the United States of America vn Congress assembled, That the Public Printer be, and hereby _ Sailing Direcis, authorized to bind in cloth, for the United States Hydrographic Office, '°*°”“· r the third and fourth volumes of the edition of the book of Sailing Directions entitled ‘jSOoasts anélr Islands otjtihie M<?)liter·raneoi1LSea", piglished Pr by the United tates Hy ographic ce: romded'‘ at theerence Wein cost of the paper covers and cloth binding shall not exceed two hundred dollars. ` Approved, June 9, 1879. _ [No. 4.] J oiéit Jjegglntion ig rglaition to tholir01tcrn:tio1(;a..l(;>xhi(bitions tic be held ag; Jnme 10, 1879. S d ia 'n ei een un e an seven -mno an ·······;··; eat‘Z;t.“£m..t§.i §Ei“3ga“§? " * ‘ g ’ ’ Whereas, the British Government have communicated to the Govern- Preamble. ment of the United States an invitation on behalf of the colony of New South Wales to take part in a universal exhibition of products, manufactures and arts, to be held in Sydney in the month of August next; d alHWhereas, the colony of Victoria has set on foot a similar exhibition, to be held at Melbourne during the coming year, and in the organization and conduct of Xlhich the comtgussioners and exhibitors of the United St t des'r to articipa · · _ Reissolztjed by the Sendte and House of Representatives of the United States of Amerika in Congress assembled, That to provide for the acceptance of Sydney and Melsaid invitation and the representation of the United States in said cxln- g%';”° ExP°“l‘ bitious there be and hereby is, appropriated, out of any money in the Apbroprimcm Treasury of the zllgitgd States not otyheirllwisefapproprialged, tgté; 8;;,13; at t th d ars or so muc ereo as may e n ·_ ieliighlt Sthe phréplblse otq this hesolution, to be expended in the discretion of the Secretary of State, for the purpose of effecting such representation 'th f th `d xhibitions. _ atS)ri:)g1;r’](lhat?it0shallli:1thte drday pftghe Secretiaiéy of Stgtehtolltggnlsanpg Report. ildt 0' eexen ureswi bfegroihgzrdsfedl gghaércrrz igirbrirlglions of this gesolution, together with all reports which may be submitted by the person or persons delegated to xxx-4