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64 FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 18, 19. 1880. G‘<>¤¤’¤iss trans- fore composing a part of the northern district of Ohio, be transferred ggftggtw “°“*’h°“‘ to, and henceforth form a part of, the southern district of Ohio. ( Tsfmltv bs hsld SEO. 2. A term of the circuit court and of the ‘ district court for the “" C°1““‘b““· southern district of Ohio shall be held at Columbus in said State on the iirst Tuesday of the months of June and December in each year. _ §¤¤@h_¤r¤ dis- Sec. 3. Said southern district shall be, and hereby IS, divided into "“‘;" d""d§,d mt? two divisions, to be known as the eastern and_ the western division of gg] ”3§$,;gD,_w°Sthe southern district of Ohio. The eastern d1v1sion shall consist of Eastern divis- twentynine counties, to wit: Union, Delaware, Morrow,_Knox, Coshocion. ton, Harrison Jefferson, Madison, Fayette, Franklin, Pickaway, Ross, Pike, Gallia, dackson, Meigs, Vinton, Athens, Hocking, Fairfield, Licking, Perry, Muskingum, Morgan, Washington, Noble, Monroe, Belmont, Western divis- and Guernsey, and the western division shall consist of the remammg nm. counties in said district. But no additional clerk or marshal shall be appointed in said district. _ _ Suits. Sec. 4. All suits not of a local nature in the circuit and d:strict courts against a single defendant, inhabitant of said State must be brought in the division of the district where he resides; but if there are two or more defendants residing in different divisions of the district, such suits may Issues of fact- be brought in either division. All issues of fact in said suits shall be tried at a term of the court held in the division where the suit is so brought. crimes and or- Sec. 5. All prosecutions for crimes or offenses hereafter committed faq;?- , in either of the sub-divisions shall be cognizable within such division; ,,,0 °’° °°g”""' and all prosecutions for crimes or offenses heretofore committed within Ijcrmfom mm- either of said counties taken as aforesaid from the northern district, or matted. committed in the southern district as hitherto constituted, shall be commenced and promaeded with as if this act had not been passed. Actions ,,,,,,1 pm- Sec. 6. Actions or proceedings now pending at Cincinnati, in said ceedings new district, which would under this act be brought in the eastern division P°¤!h¤€ M Cm°*¤· of said district, may be transferred, by the consent of all the parties, to "’""‘ said eastern division; and in case of such transfer, all papers and nles therein, with copies of all journal-entries, shall be transferred to the deputy c1erk’s office at Columbus, and the same shall be proceeded with in all respects as though it originally commenced in the eastern division. _;um,,,_ Sec. 7. All grand and petit jurors summoned for service in each divis- P,.0,,(.s,,_ ion shall be residents of such division. All mesne and dual process Service and exe- subject to the provisions hereinbefore contained issued in either of said_ <=¤*i<>¤- divisions may be served and executed in either or both of the divisions. Removal of suits SEO. 8. In all cases of removal of suits from the courts of the State fwm Sims ¢=<>¤1‘b¤· of Ohio to the courts of the United States in the southern district of Ohio, such removal shall be to the United States courts in the division in which the county is situated hom which the removal is made; and the time within which the removal shall be perfected in so far as it refers to or is regulated by the terms of the United States courts, shall be deemed to refer to the terms of the United States courts in such division. T ak e s effec t Sec. 9. This act shall be in force from and after the iirst day of March, Mgggcéi 1%.0-c0u_ anno_ Domini eighteen hundred and eighty; and all acts and parts of ,,,0,,,,,,; Mm acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. Approved, February 4, 1880. Feb. 4, 1880. CHAP. 19.-Au act to locate and Burchase a new site for the United States Naval ‘__"-*"* bservatory. _ _ Be ct enacted the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Foimmissigg its States of Aneerwa. in Congress assembled, That a commission be appointed gfaifd ”6b°;m_v:f to select a site for a new Naval Observatory, the said site if practicable ,,0,., to be upon an even degree of longitude west of Greenwich, and to possess Qualifications of the relative advantages of facility of access from the city of Washington, site healthfulness, clearness of atmosphere, freedom from obstruction for the