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CONV ENTION—FRAN CE. JULY 19, 1882. 983 (jcqwentioa between the United States of America and the French Republic July 19 1882 for the e.1:tens·ion of the term of the Claims Commission established under —-%———;— convention of January 15, 1880; concluded July 19, 1882; ratification advised by the Senate August 8, 1882 ; ratified by the President of the United States December 28, 1882; ratified by the President of the French Republic December 2, 1882; ratijications exchanged December 29, 1882; proclaimed December 29, 1882. BY TH PnESmENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF mmm10A. A PROCLAMATIOTN. Know ye, that whereas a supplementary convention, extending the Preamble. term oi the duration of the Commission organized under the Convention of January 15, 1880, for the settlement of the claims of citizens of either country against the government of the other, was concluded between the United States and the French Republic, and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries, on the 19th day lf July, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, the original of which convention is word lor word as follows: The United States of America Le gouvernementdes Etats-Unis _Cont¤nctingp¤.m- and the French Republic, being d’Amérique et le gouvernment de *¤°¤- persuaded that the labors of the la Hépublique Francaise, ayant Commission for the settlement of acquis la convictionque les travaux the claims of citizens of either de la Commission pour le reglement country against the government of des réclamations des citoyens de the other, which was organized chacun des deux pays contre 1e · under the Convention between the · gonvernement de Pautre, qui a été two governments signed at Wash- instituée par la Convention entre ington the 15th day of January, les deux gouvernements signée a 1880, cannot be concluded within Washington le 15 Janvier 1880, ne the term iixed by that convention, peuvent etre terminés au terme have deemed it expedient to con- iixé par cet·e convention, ont ré- clude a supplementary convention solu de conclnre une convention extending the term of duration of supplémentaire pour prolonger le said Commission for a further pe- tcrme de la durée do la dite Comnod, and have named as their re- mission jusqrfa une époque ultérispective plenipotentiaries to that enre et ont nommé a cet eifet pour end, as follows: leurs plénipotentiaires, savoir: The President of the United Le President des Etats Unis, States, Frederick T. Frelinghuy- Mr. Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, sen,Secretaryof Stateof the United Secrétaire d’Etat des Etats-Unis; States, and et The President of the French Le President de la République Republic, Theodore Justin Domi- Francaise, Mr. Théodore·Justinmque Roustan, Envoy Extraordi- Dominique Roustan, Envoyé Exuary and Minister Plenipotentiary traordinaire et Ministre plénipoof France at Washington, Com- tentiare de France A Washington, mandcr of the National Order of Commandeur de l’0rdre national the Legion of Honor, etc., etc ; de la Legion d’Honneur, etc., etc.; Who,after having communicated Lesquels, apres s'etre communi- · to each other their respective full qué leurs pleins pouvoirs, trouvés powers, found in good and due en bonue et due forme, sont conform, have agreed upon the follow- venus de Particle suivant: mg article: