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CONVENTION—BELGIUM—jPQSTAL. NOVEM};ER, 20, 1882. 1029 We, Timothy O. Howe, Postmaster-General of the United States, and E X cl} ¤¤g<> of Th, de Bounder de Melsbroeck, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni- “*“6°““°”“· potentiary from Belgium to the United States, certify that on this date we have proceeded to perform the exchange of ratiiications of the Con— vention between the United States of America and Belgium, concerning the exchange of postal orders, which was condluded at Washington, on the twentieth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two. Done in duplicate and signed at Washington this twenty-eighth day Signatures. of December, A. D. 1882.

  • ’"’°';$$.i°‘:?;€{f.§i£$E.TE‘"‘“‘ T- 0- HOWE,

Postmaster-Gerwral of the United States. gm; THRE. DE BOUNDER DE MELSBROECK, Enroy E.z·tra0rdinary and Minister · 1’lenq>otentiary from Belgium to the United States. Q