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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Srrss. I. Cr:. 244, 245. 1882. 115 ning thence southward of Mount Olivet Cemetery across the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad near the southern angle of the National Fair Grounds, and thence across the old Bladensburg road at the head of the National Fair Grounds Valley, and thenceto a junction with the Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at or near the two mile post on said metropolitan Branch of said railroad, which said point of junction shall be the northern terminus of said Southern Maryland Railroad. And the said Southern Maryland Raihom Company are hereby authorized to exercise the same powers, Powers, rightn, rights, and privileges, and are subject to the same restrictions in the Md 1¤i*il¤z¤•· extension and construction of their said railroad into and within the said District, as may be now exercised by railroad companies organized ‘ under the general laws in force for the incorporation of railroad companies in the District of Columbia, it being expressly understood that the Southern Maryland Railroad Company shall have power to construct a railroad within the said District only along the routes and from and to the terminal points hereinbefore indicated. Sec. 2.-—That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to Cegnstsries, the authorize the said company to enter upon and take any cemetery, or s°‘d*'¤'•’ H°*?,·:: any part of the property known as the So7diers’ Home, or any lot or f}',,{_ ,:,,0 _ square, or part thereoi owned by the United States, ior the purpose of mmpe locating or constructing said railroad, or for the pm·pose of excavating the __ same or taking therefrom any materials, or for any other purposes or uses t whatsoever · and the said Southern Maryland Railroad may connect -_ Raummwmw within said District with any railroad or canal company chartered or here- *¤°¤•· after to be chartered, by such route or routes within said District as have been or asmaybe hereafter determined hyCongress,andupon such terms as may be agreed upon by the said companies respectively. In crossing the track of any other railroad, said Southern Maryland Railroad _ Company shall construct its road either above or below the grade of G¤¢i¤¤¤¤¤>¤l¤z sam ma. °“*°"°•“* S20. 3.-—That the said Southern Maryland Railroad Company may runs, su., br charge and receive for tolls and transportation of treights on the part 6‘•¤sh*¤— of said railroad within the District of Columbia the same rates that it shall charge and receive therefor on the part of said road without the nidDistrict,andthe samerateofpassenger faremaybe established fordistances along saidroadwithin the saidmstrictasshall beestablished for like distances along said rom without said District. That Ccrrgressreservestherighttoregulatetheratesofpassengers and __ " heights on said railroad. Sec. 4.-That unless the said companyshall commence the construe- To commence tion of said railroad within one year, and shall complete the same, with ;°5*m1:_ *;::0;*;*3 at least one set of tracks, within two years irom the passage of this in ,,0 }’“¤,-mm act, then this act and rights and privileges hereby granted shall 1,.-g. shag, cease and determine. Approved, June 27, 1882. GZAP. 245.-An set authorising 2i:¤N:.til0nsl Bunk of Kutstcwn to change its ber June S7, 13. DND!. *""'“""""' ‘ Baitemated the Beneteau4R00x0 Represcntativsuytho United State: of Americelilin Oougrcu assembled, That the National Bank of Kuta- Kgg wg town, now located in the borough of Kntatown and State of Pennsylva· ,,,,,,.4 ng 3,.4. nin, is hereby authorized to change its location to the city of Reading, ing, Ps in said State, whenever the stockholders representing three-fourths of the capital of said bank, at a meeting called for that purpose, determine to make such change, the president and cashier shall execute a eertiiieuts, underthe corporatesealof the banhsgcrfymgsnehdeterninaaudshallcaasethessmstobcreccrded theOnlceo!theComp- §¤cfthe0urrerrcy, and therenpcnsuclrchsupotlccatiunshallbo