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352 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 448. 1882. Arianna; . ARIZONA. From Globe, via Tonto Basin, to Fort Verde. From Mineral Park to El Dorado Canyon, in Nevada. From Snow Flake, via Clifton, Springervrlle and St. J ohn’s, to Lordsburg New Mexico. From Show Low, via Snow Flake and `Woodruif, to Holbrook. From Fort McDowell to Old Camp Reno. _ From Tombstone, via Charleston, Henford, and Ochoavrlle, to San Pedro. From Florence to Butte City. From Signal, via Sandy, to Hackberry. _ From Sigualkvia Clarks Ranch, Frees Wash, Beal’s Spring Cerbat to Mineral Par . _ _ From Tucson, via Spanish Well, Dobbs Wells, Cababi, Cayote, Preaeho, Fred Wards StationbGunsigl1’t, to Allen City. From Tempe, via Mesa ity, to in . emma.; CALIFORNIA. From San Benito to Bitter Water. From Bonita to Bernard’s. From Darwin to Panimint. From Bakersiield to San Emigdio;. From Fresno Flats, via Gertrude, to Cold Springs. From Lower Lake to Bartlett Springs. From Riverside, via Arlington, to Temescal. From Fresno City to Oleander. Golndo; . COLORADO. . From Melrose, via Delta, and Grand Junction, to a Point on Green River, Utah Territory. " From Grand Junction, via Plateau Creek, to Ride Creek. . From Biile Creek to the Meeker Agency. - From Grand Junction, via mouth of White Water Creek, East Creek, to Unaweep Creek, to the mouth of West Creek, on Dolorus River. · From the city of Gunnison, via Soap Creek, Caneanta Creek, Chrystal Creek, Smith’s Fork, and North Fork, to Delta. From Leadville to Chloride. From Granite, via Vicksburg, Silver Dale, Bock Dale, Bear er, and Wlmgeldf to Clwrvilgke. m the eoun road and the Florida River to Silver _ Mesa. go, uw, From Dillon, via mouth of the Blue River, to Troublesome. From Empire, via Jones’ Pass, to Troublesome, on Troublesome River. From Parrott C. H. to La Plata. From Saguatehe, via Bonita, to Bonanza City, in Sagnatche County. From Durango to Crystal Valley. From Greonhorn to Bye, in Pueblo County. From Chipeta to La Sal in Utah Territory. From Iilglderton to Hoyweville. _ romvia ncompahgre River, Gunnison River and Grand Brver, to Clearkozlreek and Pleasant Valley, in Utah Territory. From Durango to Hewit. From Red Clif to Gold Park. From Elizabeth to Kiowa. From Durango, via J untion Creek, to Bear Creek. _From Delta, via Surface Creek, Leon Peek, Platteau Creek, and Grand River, to Grand Junction.