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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 448. 1882. 353 DAKOTA. Dakota; From De Smet, via Scandinavia, to Watertown. From Andrews and Byson Wheeler, via Brownsdale, to Plankington. From Preston to Watertown. From Julian to Croton. From Preston to Madison. From Fort Stevenson to Falkerstowu. From Alexander, via Bed Stone, to Huron. From Dantonville to Alwilda. . • From Wantertown to Webster. From Webster, via Sumers and Chester, to Redfield. From Chamberlin to Rapid City. From Wheatland, via Watson Farm, to Lisbon. From Huron, via Groton, to Penequa. From Berlin, via Wionada and Hamlin, to Ordway. From Tower City to Mayville. · From Lybeck to Stump. From Dwight, via Sooville, to Lisbon. . From Grafton, via Nora, to Amour. _ From Pembina, via Batheate, Tyner, and Westview, Cooley, to Mountam. From Salem, via Howard and Frankfort, to Cavour. From Clark to De Smet. From Madison to Lake Preston. . From Flandreau to Aurora. From Springiield, via Avon, Oak Hollow, Plainview, to Mitchell. From Speardsh, via Sun Dance, and Loomis Ranch, to Little Powder River, Wyoming. — . From Redfield to Robb. . From Aberdeen to Reigstadt. From Clark to Huron. From Jerusalem, via Creelsburg, to Villard. From Jamestown to Lisbon. · From Jamestown to Larimore. , From Jamestown to Stump. From Jamestown to Villard. From Bismark to Villard. From Grafton to Creelsburg. From Valley City to Grand Rapids. From Chamberlin to Miller. From Forestburg to Crow Creek. From Miller to Wessington. From Plankington to Miller. V. From Redfield to Miller. From Sanborn to township one hundred and forty-two, range sixty- one north. - ~ From Miller to Kimball. From De Smet to Howard. From Sanborn, via Booth Bald Creek, and Jessie, to Bed Willow. From Flandreau to Lake Preston. _ _ From Alexander, via Redstone, Dentonville, and Alwilda, to Huron. From Lake Preston, via Alwilda, to Aurelia. From Inster to Creelsburg. . From Oak Hollow via Brownsdale, to Plankington. Flmni Minto, via Forest River, Reno, Inster, and Bellville, to Medfo . . From Empire to Sturgis City. From Cascade to Custer. From Salem to Nelson. From Miller to Kimball. From Ellendale to Grand Rapids. xxi:-·-·—·23 {