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354 FORTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 338. 1885. hundred and twenty dollars each; superintendent of folding—room, one thousand two hundred dollars; two assistants in folding-room, at six hundred dollars each ; messengers, carpenters, watchmen, and laborers, ten thousand dollars; in all, seventy-thousand two hundred and eighty dollars. GHEMJUAL DITISION. Chciistsmdas- For compensation 0; chief chemislt, two (thousapd glvgl hgmldred dol; ' lars- ass' ta tt, n thousand six un dollars- on assista)°chemist:,on(e thdhsaigdcfour hundred dollars; employment of additional assistance, when necessary, in the chemical division, srx thousand dollars; in all, eleven thousand five hundred dollars. ENTOMOLOGIGAL DIVISION. Entomologist and For compensation of entomologist, two thousand five hundred dollars; •¤¤i¤¤i¤}*· _ one assistant entomologist, one thousand four hundred dollars; assist- ·:t‘;_d’“°‘“1““"°' ants in the entornological division, when necessary, four thousand dolmw,u,,,,,,u,,_ lars; for mvestigating the history and habits of insects injurious to agriculture and horticulture, experiments in ascertaining the best means of destroying them, and for the promotion of economic ornithology, or

  • “2°tf.‘“‘23;3‘ lT"§—12‘°"€““"“ °f- ‘“’2F ?,?£“*°*"°“‘¥“Z."’ “‘t¥‘{.§'.`2i*f'.*·‘“...°"}‘.§

o e ,a1,a.nm1gra1on smreaon and plants and publishing reporttliereon for drawings, and for chemicals and travelling and other expenses on the practical work of the entomological division, twenty-five thousand dollars; in all, thirty-two thousand nine hundred dollars. GARDENS AND GDOUNDS. Superintendent For compensation of superintendent of gardens and grounds, two ¤f&¤;¤5¤•i¤· thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; labor, purchase and repair of '5“’¥°“* °*‘ tools, wagon and carts, manure, and purchase of trees, six thousand DE "` dollars; reparring and resurfacing concrete roads, two thousand dollars; labor in experimental garden, five thousand dollars; flower-pots, two hundred and fifty dollars · painting greenhouses, six hundred dollars; repairing greenhouses, hood-work, and glazing, one thousand dollars; purchase of economic seeds and plants, six hundred dollarsrepairs of heating apparatus, including one new boiler, six hundred and fifty dollars; purchase of sorl,_sand, charcoal, and so forth, for pottmg planggtguie uhlundred dollars; rn all, eighteen thousand four hund and o rs. MUSEUM. Curator, attend- For compensation of curator of museum, one thousand four hundred ant, and watch- dollars; one attendant in museum, one thousand dollars; one night '”'·“· watchman for museum building, who shall also act as night watchman for seed building, seven hundred and twenty dollars; oollecting and Fruits. vsp- modeling specimens of fruits and vegetables, and collecting and prepar-

  • °**g*°¤·, ing specimens for the museum and herbarium, one thousand dollars; in

P°°‘"‘°°" all, four thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. LABORATORY. Laboratory. For chemicals and apparatus for the use of the chemists and microscopists, and for the uecea expenses in conducting experiments, mgluduig experrmlgtgts rt; the tmanutacltulrelof sugar irom sorghum an ot er vegeta e p ts, orty thousand dollars. =•¤·•¤¢• DIVISION. vwilhiei ofdnogl di- For compensation of chief of seed division, one thousand eight hunmhudczz P•*· tired dollars; one supermtendent of seed room, one thousand six hunmnks dr-ed dollars; four clerks, at one thousand dollars each; one clerk, at