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FORTY-NINTH cobremcss. sms. 11. cus. 13, 14. 1ss7. 355 any money-order office; and after st postal note has once been paid, t0 whomsoever it has been paid, the United States shall not be liable ibn any further claim for the amount. thereof; but a postal note shall become invalid and not payable upon the expiration of three calendar months from the last day of the mouth during which the same was issued ; and the holder, to obtain the amount of an invalid postal-note must forward it to the Superintendent of the Money-Order System, at Washington, District of Columbia, together with an application, in such manner and form as the Postmaster-General may prescribe, for a duplicate thereof, payzlbleto such holder; and an additional fee of three cents shall be charged and exacted for the issue of the cluphcate: Provided, That all Proviao. provisions of law applicable to the issue of postal notes at money-order P¢9vi¤l¤¤¤<>fl¤·W offices, and to postnmsters, clerks and other employees therein, shall be L'?;;':!:: gqnally applicable to oillces authorized to issue postal notes under this an Omces O'} i,,S,,°_ e . Sec. 2. That section fifty-four hundred and sixty-three of the Revised R. s., sec. 5463, Statutes be amended so as to read as follows, to wit: P- 1059, ¤¤¤¤¤¢l¤d· “SEc. 5463. Any person who shall, with intent to defraud, falsely Penalty for forgmake, forge, counterfeit, eugmve, or print, or cause or procure to be mg- °*°·· P°°'°* falsely made, forged, counterfeited, engraved, or printed, or willingly °Q';°’;’;0s';§i aid or assist in falsely making, forging, counterfeiting, engraving, or nom and to mm,- printing, any order in imitation of, or purporting to be, a money-order cy-orders, atc, of _ or postalmote issued by or under the direction of the Postr0H10a Depart- f°'°*€“ °°“¤*“°°· ment of the United States, or of any foreign country, and payable in the United States, or any material signature or indorsement thereon; or any material signature upon any receipt or eertiflcate of identification thereon; eny person who shall falsely alter or cause or procure to be ilxlsely altered, or willingly aid or assist in falsely altering any such money·order or postal-note; any person who shall, with intent to defraud, pass, utter, or publish, or attempt to pass, utter, or publish, as true, any such false, forged, counterfeited, or altered money-order or postal note, knowing the same, or any signature or indorsement thereon, to be false, forged, counterfeited or altered, shall be punishable by a flue of not more than five thousand dollars, or by imprisonment at hard w labor for not less than two years and not more than ilve years! Approved, January 3, 1887. 'I ' CHAP. 14.-An Ach to extend the £mo·delivory system of the Post-O ce Depup J1•¤- 3· 18·97· ment, and tbr other purposes. "'“"'"""_"" Be it enacted by the Senate cmd House of Representatives of the United State; of America in Congress aaaemblod, That letter-carriers shall be 1·‘r¤¤ dslivvm employed for the free delivery of mail-matter, as frequently as the pub- P°°*** ““"l°°· lic business may require, at every incorporated city, village, or borough containing II population of fifty thousand within its corporate limits, and may be so employed at every place containing a population of not _ E¤¤¤d¤d f¤ mi less than ten thousand, within its corporate limits, according to the last lgzagljxugf *%,1 d general census, taken by authority of State 0i' United States law, or at 0m,,,, mgaiving any post-office which produced a gross revenue, for the preceding fiscal $10,000: year, of not less than ten thousand dollars: Promdcd, This not shall E t not affect the existence of the free delivery in places where it is now Pm2m 8;viQc °° established: And provided further, That inpiiiecs where the free de- Suvimnotwba. livery shall be established under the provisions of this act, such free abolished excepr delivery shall notboebokshul by reason of decrease below ten thousand gl •l¤¤*>;:: ¤j>(¤;; E in population or ten thousand dollars in gross postal revenue, except m mL the dlscretion of the Postmaster-General. · _ Sec. 2. That there may be in all cities winch eoutann a populatmu of C¤¤‘¤§*¤· seventydlve thousand or more three classes of letterearriers, as follows : mC;;?é€:?*§¤0%% Carriers of the first class, whose salaries shall be one dollars Wpumiom ‘°· per annum; of the second class, whose salarnes shall be ezght hundred