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FORTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 351. 1887. 497 Pomological division: For traveling within the United States, and _1f<>m¤1¤gi¢==¤1 diother necessary expenses in collecting and disseminating pomological ‘"*“°"· information, three thousand dollars. Microscopical division: For microscopical apparatus, chemicals, pho- _Mi_croscopi¤·nl tographic illustrations, and other necessary supplies, and for the pur- d¤V*¤}**¤· chase of food samples and tibers in making investigations and examina— tions into the adulterations of tbod, one thousand dollars. Chemical division: For chemicals and apparatus for the use of the Chemical am,- chemist, and for necessary changes in and additions to fixtures to the i<>¤- laboratory, and necessary expenses in conducting experiments, including fifty thousand dollars for the continuation of experiments in the Experiment in manufacture of sugar from sorghum and sugar cane and also including Sugar r¤mn¤¤f¤ct— the purchase and transportation of samples and supplies; in all, fifty- “’°· six thousand dollars: Provided, That the Commissioner of Agriculture p,-0,,;,,,_ is hereby required to make a separate report to Congress stating fully Itemized report and accurately an itemized account of every expenditure made under *° be *“*d°· this provision and the results of all experiments made, and also including the purchase and transportation of samples and supplies, in all, fifty-six thousand dollars. · Entomological division: For investigating the history and habits of Entomological insects injurious and beneficial to agriculture, arboriculture, and horti· diVi¤i¤¤· culture; experiments in ascertaining the best means of destroying them; for publishing reports thereon; and for illustrations, chemicals, traveling and other expenses within the United States, in the practical work of the entomological division, twenty thousand dollars. For collecting and disseminating information relatingto silk-culture; Silk culture exfor purchasing and distributing silk-worm eggs., and for conducting at P¤¤‘i¤¤¤¤f~¤— some point in the District of Columbia experiments with automatic machinery for reeling silk from the cocoon, and for expenses incurred in collecting, purchasing, preparing for transportation, and transporting the cocoons necessary therefor, and for necessary traveling expenses, fifteen thousand dollars. Anal the Commissioner of Agriculture is hereby authorized to sell in open market any and all reeleel silk and silk Sales of silk. waste produced in these epriments, and to apply the proceeds of such sales to the payment of the legitimate expenses incurred therein; and the Commissioner of Agriculture shall make full report to Congress of ‘ the experiments herein provided for, and also of all sales and purchases made under this paragraph. For the encouragement and development of the culture of raising raw w,,m,,,,»s Suk silk, five thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the qultum Assem- Women’s Silk Culture Association of the United States, located at Phil- **°“· adelphia, and to be paid directly to said association; and said associa· mgm, tion shall make a inll and detailed report of the expenditures and results 49th Congress, p, obtained under this appropriation, and also under the appropriation to 101. said association made for the iiscal year eighteeg hundred and eighty- seven, to the Commissioner of Agriculture, who all transmit the same to Congress, and alike sum of five thousand dollars for the same pur- H. . I poses and under the same restrictions and conditions to the California (ug;} g;]?';,,,,;.:; Ladies Silk Culture Association of California. A,,,,,c;,m,¤_ V Division of economic ornithology and mammalogy : For the promotion Division orecmi. of economic ornitliology and mammalogy; an investigation of the food, omic ornithnlugy · habits, distribution, and migrations of North American birds and mam- Md *¤*¤*'¤’·‘1"S5°· mais, in relation to agriculture, horticulture, and forestry; for publishing report thereon ; and for drawings, traveling and other expenses in the practical work of the division, three thousand nine hundred and forty dollars. Experimental garden and grounds: For labor in experimental garden Ex perimentnl and grounds, the care of eonservatories, plant and fruit propagating 8 3 F d 0 D ¤ *> d houses, and keep of the reservation, lawns, trees, roadways, and walks, twelve thousand dollars. ' For the purchase of tools, wagons, carts, harness, machinery, horse Tools, material, sh oein g, and the necessary material for repairing the same ; for purchase ¤*¢· srixr L-VOL xxiv——32 _ .