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46 FORTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 333. 1886. nt ouc hundred and fifty dollars per annum cnch, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars. Other suhoois. For cure, support, and education of three hundred Iudmu pupxls at industrial, agricultural, mechanical, or other schqolsz other than tlgosc herein provided forin any of the States or Territories of the United States, at a. rutc not to exceed one hundred and sixty-seven dollars for each pupil, fitty thousand one hundred dollars. Transportation. For collecting and transportation of pupils to und from Iudmu schools, and also for the transportation of Indiuu pupils from all the Imlmn schools, and placing of them, with the consent of their parents, under the cure and control of such suitable white families as may in all respects bc qualified to give such pupils moral, industrial and educational training, uudcr arrangements in which their proper care, support, and education shall be in exchange for their labor, twenty-eight thousand dol- Pmmo. lass: Provided, That seven hundred und thirty-five dollars of said sum Payment to Good shall be paid to tho Good Shepherd Industrial School of Denver, Colo- E_1;;{’h;;1‘}w{“"})‘;:: rado, as an reimbursement for expenses heretofore incurred by it in trans- W, C01° ’ porting twenty-tive Indian girls from Turtle Mountain, Dakota, to said ' school, there to be educated, under u. contract with the Commissioner of Indian Aihirs. Intgmgtgntrugg. INTEREST ON TRUST-FUND STOCKS. fund stocks. Sec. 2. For payment of interest on certain abstracted and nonrpayiug State stocks belonging to tho various Indian tribes, and held in trust by the Secretary of the Interior, for the year cudiug Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, namely: Cherokee mation- For trust-fund interest duo Cherokee national fund, twenty-six t110u— ¤1 f¤¤¢ mud mm mq- aoum ; Cbcrckco miami For trust-fund interest duc Cherokee sch001—fuud, two thousand four f“°d· hundred and ten dollars;

 Cuickmw ua- For trust-fund interest due Chickasaw national fund, nineteen thon-

¤°¤¤·! ****6- sand eight hundred and twenty dollars; Choctaw genera! For trust-fund interest due Choctaw general fund, twenty-seven thou-

  • `"¤d· sand dollars;

Delaware gener- For trust.-fund interest duc Delaware general fund, eight thousand nine "‘ f""']- hundred and thirty dollars; X<¤*¤¤· For trustrfuud interest due Iowas, three thousand five hundred and twenty dollars;

Knskaskin¤,Pe0· For trusbfuud interest duo Kaskaskius, Pcorias, Wcas, and Piankc-

¤¤:» ‘X¤=¤¤, wd Pi- shaws, four thousand eight hundred and cnc dollars; °"S:lfo;";.*;nd For trust-fund interest duo Kaskaskia, Wca,Pe0ria, and Piankeslmw ‘ school-fund, one thousand four hundred and forty-uiuc dollars; M•=¤•>¤¤¤¤•=¤¤. For trust-fund interest duo Mcuomouocs, niuo hundred and fifty dollars; in all, ninoty-four thousand nina hundred and forty dollars. Ifurchuscs of sup- Szc. 3. That no pnrchasoofsupplicsforwhich appropriations aroherciu uber; jc be a•}vcr— madg, exceeding in the aggregate five hundred dollars in value an any

  • “°' ¤ *‘°°P**°”°· one tnme, shall be made without first giving at least three weeks’ public

notice by advertisement, except in cases of cxigcncy, when, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, who shall make officiul record of the facts constituting the exigcncy and shall report the same to Cougress at its next session, he may direct that purchases may be made in Prnriaoq. open market in amount not exceeding three thousand dollars : Provided _£=p:¤•h¤¤¤¤ ft: Thu: funds herein and heretofore appropriated for construction of dimheé {u °·‘%=;°;;':§ and other works for xrrigatiug may, in the discretion of the Secretary of pu,ch,,s,,, {mm the Inmuor, be expended in open market: Prmrideekfurther, That pm-- Indians in open chases in open market may be made from Indians, under the direction m¤Fk¤*- of the Secretary of the Interior, to an amount not exceeding three thousand dollars.

 Approprintiqns S20. 4. That so much of the appropriations herein mudc us m
3; cg;;;; yequimd to pay for gcpds and supplies, aud for transportation oiytkg

bm ~ game, for the year cndingJuu¤ thutmth, cxghtccn hundred and eighty-