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172 FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gus. 363, 364. 1888. ¤9*=*°°•*'¥°'W·*°° bet ee th hall be decided by the Secretary of War upon a heard°°°d°°°mp°n°°tin` ingwdf the gllllegations arid proofzecéf the parties. d to b t tod Sw ¤f W¤*¤ . 6. T t bor au orize e cons ruc °"”°l:°t:K°°’ °°°' und?; this act slldlllmmbililtinrdd located under, and subject to, such regulations for the security of navigation of said rivers as the Secretary of War shall rescribe, and to secure that object, said comfany orco ration shallsubmit to the Secretary of Wara design and rawing dipshid bridge or brid s, for his examination and approval, and a map of its location, and shall furnish such other infomation as may be tflor a fulllaalndomtilsfwtogy undlerstimding of this isubgect, s su ec o suc ru es an regu a ions as hilaylble prescrlilfd by the Secrdtary of War, and until such plan and location of said bridge or bridges are approved, they shallnot built. A¤·¤~¤¤¤¤¢- Sm. 7. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this act is expressly reserved. meet. Sec. 8. That this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passe e.

•”‘ Sec. 9. Thast this act shall be null and void if actual construction

Pof the bridges herein authorized be not commenced within one year alps; completed within three years from the date of the approval of tac . Approved June 6, 1888. Janes, isn CHAI?. 364.-An act to authorize the of bridges across the Ken- """"-""""' tuckycokxver, and its tributaries, by the Louisville, Cincinnati and Virginia Rail- W8y Illwlly. ‘p Be it enacted bh; the and House of Rep;re.9cntate7ves_of the uravzusrgp. Giga- States of m Congressascembled, hat the Louisville,

g¤0,m'°"°,..,, Cincinnati an Virgima Ra1lwayOompany, a corporationorganized

H ng ¤_mm§g‘_ pndgr ag: of 'g0£18I'€il asseml ly gil the Commonweagtlrof Kenmmr. - uc , ,an 11s ereyau oriz consructa 'ta' Y bridge, and approaches tliereto, over the Kentucky lltiydiéflin Iii? Stage gg Eentugky; andtalsola bridge or bridges oveg the tributaries or or o said river, a suc pom or ints as sai deem suitable for the passage of its saidxioad over safigigghyolfhg Mlm md tributaries or forlcs. aid bridge shall be constructed to provide for mot md§by¤z¤¤. theplassiage of gaplwaty trams;9 anstd at the option of the company by w 19 1 may e u1 , may u _ or the passage of wagons and velucles of l kinds, for the transit of amma s an for foot- assen- ·r¤u¤. gem; and all tolls charged for the passage of vehicles, animids and ' oot-passengers over said brid e shall be subject to modification and apgroval of the Secretary of \§ar. u{{;'[f;{,§,f,{gf°°“’° _ nc, _2. That any bridge built under this act, and subject to its limitations, shall eta lawgultstilnxcpure, andhshall hbe recognized and nown as a pos ron e, an 1 s a enjoy e rig ts and privileges of other post-roads in the United States. ¤¤¢¤¤¢¤lz<>fW¤¤¤ Sec. 3. That any bridge authorized to be t ctel d th' °"'°'° °°°‘ act shall be built and located under and subjggtmmrlluch rggluféiciig for the security of navigation of said river as the Secretary of War shall prescribe; and_to secure that object the said company or corporation shall subnnt to the Secretary of War, for his examination pnd approval, a design and drawing of the bridge, and a map of the ocatxon thereof; an until the sand plan and location of the brid e are aplproved by the Secretary of _War the bridge shall not be buihz; and s ould any change made in the plan o said bridge during the p osecgmsgrucuprpvmch chplngleghall be subgect to the approvoe_reryo ar.Acnges uiredbthSecrotary of War in the structure of said bridge, olruits entirg removal after the same is constructed, shall be at the expense of the company owning or controlling said bridge; and in event of any litigation in