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208 FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 494. 1888. ¥¤P¤*°b°°‘°d· Sec. 6. That said compan shall cause maps showing the route of its located lines through said? Territory, to be Bled in the office of the Secretary of the Interior, and also to be in the office of the principal chief of each of the nations or tribes through whose lands said ra1l· way may be located; and after the Bling of such maps no claim for a subse uent settlement and improvement ulpon the right of way shown Pnwm. by said maps shall be valid as against said company: Provided, That cueing to mgm on when Bled as herein provided for, said company shall commence grading mm ing said located line within six months thereafter, or such location shall be void j and said location shall be approved by the Secretary of the Interior in sections of twenty—Bve mi es before construction of an such section shall be begun. _ E:¤:g°Yg¤¤*°*°¤*d° gEC. 7. That the officers, servants, and employees of said company °” t° wi"' necessary to the construction and management of said road shall be allowed to reside, while so engaged, upon such right of way, but subject to the provisions of the n ian intercourse laws, and such rules a.nd regulations as may be established by the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with said intercourse laws. U*·*®*'>*°°· Sec. 8. That the United States circuit and district courts for the northern district of Texas and the western district of Arkansas, and such courts as may be authorized by Congress shall have, with- ’ out reference to the amount in controversy, concurrent jurisdictionover all controversies arising between said Paris, Choctaw and Little Rock Railway Company an the nations and tribes through whose territory said railway shall be constructed; said courts shall ave like jurisdiction, without reference to the amount in controversy, over all controversies arising between the inhabitants of said nations or tribes and said railway company; and the civil (jurisdiction of said courts is hereby extended wit in the limits of said Indian Territory, . without distinction as to citizenship of the parties, so far as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this act. 0¤¤¤¤¤¤¤°¤¤¤¤*,,¤*** Sec. 9. That said railway compgny shall build and complete its °°°°railway insaid Territory within thee years after the passage of this act, or the rights herein granted shall e forfeited as to that portion not built; and it shall not be necessary in such case for a forfeiture to be declared by judicial process or legislative enactment; that said railroad company shall construct and maintain continually all fences, cmmmgs, em. road and highway crossings, and necessary bridges over said railwa wherever said roads an highways do now or may hereafter cross said railway’s right of way, or may be by the proper authorities laid out across the same. ccudmoncrwcepr- Src. 10, That the said Paris, Choctaw and Little Rock Railway ‘“"°· Company shall accept this right of way upon the ex ress condition, binding upon itself, its successors and assigns, that they will neither aid. advise. nor assist in any effort looking towards the changing or extinguishing the present tenure of the ndians in their land, and will not attempt to secure from the Indian nations any further grant Pr•¤·r~•¤· of land, or its occupancy, than is hereinbefore provided: Provided, vxomumweormn That any violation of the condition mentioned in this section shall operate as a forfeiture of all the rights and privileges of said railway company under this act. u<>r¤s¤z¤¤~ Sec. 11. That all mortgages executed by said railway company conveying any portion of its railroad, with its franchises, that may be constructed in said Indian Territory, shall be recorded in the De artment of the Interior, and the record thereof shall be evidence and) notice of their execution, and shall convey all rights and propert of said company as therein expressed. A¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤.¤¢¤- 12. That Congress may at any time amend, add to, alter, oirepeal this act; and the right of way herein and hereby granted shall not be assigned or transferred in any form whatever prior to the construction and completion of the road, except as to mortgages or