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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1888. 5 FOREIGN 1NTERcoURsE. Foreisnintercourse SALARIES or MINISTERS : To enable the accounting officers to settle Mmm` ¤¤1·—¤·i¤¤ the account of V. O. King, charge d’aifaires ad interim to Bogota, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty- six. three hundred and nine dollars and six cents. SALARIES CONSULAR OFFICERS NOT CITIZENS: To enable the ac- S¤1¤=riesot_cp¤su1»¤- counting officers to settle the accounts of consular officers not citi- °m°€" ”°t°‘°‘z°“S‘ zens, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty-six, four thousand seven hundred and fifty-six dollars and one cent. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. mggww Perm To enable the Secretar of the Treasur to pa a reasonable addi- Ad*“*‘°¤¤l PW *0* tional compensation to the em loyees oi, the Tiieasur Department iiingiggrlcs Ou mmmwho were actually employed during the months of duly, August, Septembe1·, and October, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, in addition to the usual business hours, on account of the work of exchanging bonds of the United States bearing three and a half per centum interest for bonds bearing interest at the rate of three per centum per annum, authorized by section eleven of "An act to enable national banking associations to extend their corporate existence, and for other purposes," approved July twelfth, eighteen hundred and Vol- 2% P- 165- eighty-two, to be pai by the said Secretary to those actually engaged as aforesaid, in such sums as shall seem to him to be just and equitable, as follows: For employees in the division of loans and currency of the office of the Secretaiiy of the Treasury, one thousand three hundred and eighty-four dollars and forty-eight cents; For employees in the division of records, files, and mail in said office, ive hundred and sixty-four dollars and fifty-six cents; For employees in the office of the Register of the Treasury, one thousand four hundred and ninety-eight dollars and ten cents; For employees in the office of the Treasurer of the United States, six hundred and ninety-nine dollars and eighty cents; in all, four thousand one hundred and forty-six dollars and ninety-Eve cents. INDEPENDENT TREASURY. ugf*’€P°¤d€¤* T¤¤¤¤· To reimburse Bureau of Engraving and Printin for work done b . B¤¤*¤¤ <>f Enemthat Bureau on account of appropriation for checlgs and drafts, ind; tiiciddmaiwiiti M pendent Treasury, for the scal year eighteen hundred and eighty- six: Engraving and printing checks an drafts for sub-treasuries, four hundred and thirty-one dollars and forty cents. mzcnnvixo AND PRINTING. m§;¤jgr¤vi¤s¤¤dPr*¤> SILVER CERTIFICATES AND LEGAL—TENDER NOTES: FOT printin Sll"°F°9¤ifl¢¤¥°S3¤d and finishing additional silver Certificates and legal-tender notes od legawmdu Ima the denominations of one and two dollars, during the Hscal year endin June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, to be expendeh as follows: Under the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, for compensation of employees, six thousand dollars; for plate-printing, twenty-eight thousand dollars; for materials and miscellaneous expenses, twelve thousand dollars; under the office of the Treasurer of the United States, for materials needed in sealing and se arating United States securities, five hundred dollars; for salaries For additional pressnien, feeders, and separators, three thousand three hundred dollars ; in all, forty-nine t Ousand eight hundred dollars, and P'i¤“"°`°·‘S*’»'°”**· the number of printers’ assistants at one do lar and fifty cents a day may, by direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, be increased to thirty-eight, and the number of pr1nters’ assistants at one dollar and twenty-five cents a day reduced to one hundred and seventy-six.