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586 rirrinrn oonennss. sm. 1. on. 1210. wss. dlpringk the sessign, six thousand three hundred dollars, or so much ereo as ma e necessary. .A&dl*i°¤¤\ W *0 To ay fiftegn r centum in addition to the amount paid for day mg °r°°` laborgo the emplldyees of the Government Printing Office, such as compositors, pressmen, stereotypers, laborers, press-feeders, Record folders, counters, engineers, machinists, Bremen; and proof-readers, revisers, copy—holders, make-up, and imposer of the bill force, who were and are exclusively employed on the night forces of the Government Printing Office, but exclusive of compositors on the Record. during the iirst session of the Fiftieth Congress, ten thousand dol-

 lars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; Provided, That in

estimating the said fifteen er centum credit shall be given to the Gogernnient for gvhatelyer has fbeen paid ir is now being paid the sai em o ees a ove the rates or da wor . . mm um To enlablye the Public Printer to domply with the law granting fifteen days’ annual leave to the emplo ees of the Government Printing Office for the fiscal years eighteen hundred and eighty-seven and eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, twenty-five thousand dollars; and the Public Printer is hereby directed to pay forthwith all persons for services covered by denciencies for said years. S¤¤¤¤¤- SENATE. 0¤1cc¤·s,clerks,ew. For compensation of omcers, clerks, messengers, and others in the service of the Senate, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty- nine, forty-six thousand nine hundred and twenty-one dollars and · twenty cents. F<>ld*¤S ¤¤¤*¤**¤l=- _ lllptr materipl flotr foldling fordtléelfiscal year eighteen hundred and eig y-nine, ou een thousand dollars. ¤g'¤l¤*¤K For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding one ' dollar per thousand, for the sca year eighteen hundred and eighty- seven, six hundred and thirty-eight dollars and fifty cents. For folding speeches and Hpamphlets, at a rate not exceeding one dollar fper thousand, for the scal year eighteen hundred and eighty- eigglit our thousand ive hundred dollars and sixty-seven cents. or folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding one dollar per thousand, for the sca year eighteen hundred and eighty- nine, twelve thousand dollars. ¥"¤°*-°*¤- For fuel, oil, cotton-waste and advertising for the heating apparatus, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and eigl1ty-eight, eight hundred and seventiy nine dollars and iiftv-nine cents. mffgekum and re For furniture am repairs of furniture for the fiscal year eighteen lpundrgduand eightyteightg three thousand nine hundred and fifty- - 1ree dollars am six cen s. “__m»;:~s and maxi For expenses of maintaining and equipping horses and mail-wag- ‘- · ons for carrying the mails for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty-iight, one thousand eight hundred and four dollars and eighteen cen s. masceixsneeussesms. _For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, for the iiscal year gggtgegehglndggds eighty eight, four hundred and fifty dollars and mmmgmeu, ere. _ For expenses of inquiries and investigations ordered by the Senate, including compensation to stenographers to committees, at such rate as may be iixec by the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expenses of the Senate, but not exceeding one dollar and twenty- Sftiggnts perl primed page;} fgr the fiscal year eighteen hundred and -nine, en — thousand dollars. Om°’°* R°¤°’*°'· do reimburse the official Ijleporter of the Senate for moneys paid for clerical lure during the First Session of the Fiftieth Congress, and for extra clerical services and expenses occasioned by the prolongation of the session Five Thousand Dollars.