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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 202, 203. 1889. 687 Spc. 12. That said railway company shall execute a bond to the som. United States, to be filed wit11 and approved by the Secretary of the Interior, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, for the use and benefit of the Ind1ans of said reservation, conditioned for the due payment of any and all damages which may accrue by reason of the 1l ing or maiming of any Indian belonging to said reservation, or of their live-stock, in the construction or operation of said railway, or by reason of fires originating thereby; the damages in all cases, in the event of failure by the railway company to eifect an amicable settlement with the parties in interest, to be recovered in any court of the Territory of Dakota having jurisdiction of the amount Litigation. claimed, upon suit or action instituted by the proper United States attorney in the name of the United States: Provided, That all mon- hmm. eys so recovered by the United States attorney under the provisions of this section shal be covered into the Treasury of the United States, M¤¤<*YS Nc0V6mdto be placed to the credit of the particular Indian or Indians entitled to the same, an%j,p be paid to him or them, or otherwise expended for his or their enefit, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. ,.. Approved, February 23, 1889. CHAP. 203.-A11 act to accept and ratify the agreement submitted by the Sho- February 28, 1889. shones, Bannocks, and Sheepeaters of the Fort Hall and Lemhi Reservation in ww"` Idaho May fourteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, and for other purposes. ShWherpas tcegtainf of cphe clhiefs of thde Shoshorée, gannopik, arid W, dum eepea er ri es o n ians ave agree u n an su mitte to the 9 `"‘ ·'“' _ ,"‘ Secretary of the Interior an a reement forlxthe sale of a portion of Rmrm Ou" their lands in the Territory of Idaho, their settlement upon lands in severalty, and for other purposes: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That said agree- Sl;*0§;;;mn•;y,¤ Ex? ment be, and the same is hereby, accepted, ratified, and confirmed. mak mutans. ' Said agreement is assented to' by a duly—certified majority of the adult male Indians of the Shoshone and Bannack tribes occupying or interested in the lands of the Fort Hall Reservation, in conformity with the eleventh article of the treaty with the Shoshones and Ban- Vol. 15, p. 670. nacks of July third, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight (fifteenth Statutes at Large, page six hundred and seventy), and in words and figures as follows, namely: First-. The chiefs and head men of the Shoshones, Bannacks. and of Umm Sheepeaters of the Lemhi Agency herebv agree to surrender their n' reservation at Lemhi, and to remove and settle upon the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho, and to take up lands in severalty of that reservation as hereinafter provided. Second. The chiefs and head men of the Shoshones and Bannacks FS¤r§e¤{l<1er¤f pm of of Fort Hall hereby agree to the settlement of the Lemhi Indians °" ° R°s°"°"°"' upon the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho, and they agree to cede to the United States the following territory, namely: Beginning where the north line of township nine south intersectswith the eastern line of their reservation; thence west with the extension of » said line to the Port Neuf River; thence down and with Port Neuf River to where said township line crosses the same; thence west with said line to Marsh Creek; thence up Marsh Creek to where the north line of township number ten south intersects with the same; thence west with said line to the western boundary of said reservation; thence south and with the boundaries of said reservation to the beginning, including also such quantity of the north side of Port N euf River as H. O. Harkness may be entitled to under existing law, the same to be conformed to the public surveys, so as to include the improvements of said Harkness.