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740 FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 125, 126. 1891. °°*°· cost of said site and building, including said vaults, heating and · ventiliating appapatus, ]elev3.t05s,hand arépgoaphes, complete, not t0 excee the sum 0 one un re thousand dollars. Proposals m be sa- Pro osals for the sale of land suitable for said site shall be invited '°""s°° f°'· by public advertisement in one or more of the newspapers of said city of largest circulation for at least twenty days prior to the date specified in said advertisement for the opening of said lproposals. ’“ mmm_ Proposals made in response to said advertisement shal be addressed and mailed to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall then cause the_ said proposed sites, and such others as he may think proper to 1zmm1m:m¤,ew.,by designate, to be examined 1D person by an agent of the reasury T'°°“"”’“’g°"”· Department, who shall make written report to said Secretary of the results of said examination, and of his recommendation thereon, and the reasons therefor, which shall be accompanied by the original prppplsals and all mapsiplatts, apld stagernents wlhicgi shall have come »1I1 0 is ossession re a ing 0 e said ropose S1 e. If, updh consideration of said report) and accompanying papers, the Secretary of the Treasury shall deem further investigation nec- Avr¤i¤*¤*°¤*°*°°¤· essary, he may appoint a commission of not more than three permm°°' sons, one of whom shall be an officer of the Treasury Department, Examination. which commission shall also examine the said roposed sites, and such others as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate, and grant nmmgs. such hearings in relation thereto as they shall deem necessary; and i said commission shall, within thirty days after such examination, Rl-¤r><>r*~ make to the Secretary of the Treasury written report of their conclusion in the premises, accompanied by all statements, maps, plats, or documents taken by or su mitted to them, in like manner as hereinbefore ppovided in regard to the proceedings of said agent of mmmmmonorm the Treasury epartment; and the Secretary of the Treasury shall °·**°”· thereupon finally determine the location of the building to be erected. wQ];>¤f1!Sgig;¤j;S°i°¤ 0* The compensation of said commissioners shall be fixed by the Sec- ` retary of the Treasury, but the same shall not exceed six dollars per promo. day and actual traveling expenses: Provided, howerer, That the Treasury member- member of said commission zitppoinped from the Treasury Department shall be aid onl his actua trave ing expenses. Npexpcnditurcrmtii No mdiiey shall be used for the urpose mentioned until a valid ""°'°‘"°*°°°"p“ss’ title to the site for said building shall be vested i11 the United States, nor until the Stiate of Illinoishshall hav? ceded pc the UniltedLStates exclusive `uris iction over the same, ¢urin<r tie time tie Tuite; States shall be or remain the owner thereof,d'or all pur noses except . the administratipn of the criminal laws of said State and the service of civil rocess t ierein. ` 0r¤¤ WM- The bhilding shall be unexposed to danger from fire by an open space of at least forty feet on each side, including streets and alleys. Approved, February 9, 1891. Febnmqw,1891. CHAP. 126.-An act to promote the construction of a safe deepavater harbor ·"v‘—*‘·—*v; on the coast of Texas. Be it enacted by the Senate and H(1z¢.se of Represenfafwes of the Pglgyejluggdségrage United States rj America in Congress assembled, That the Corpus czompmiy may cou. Christi and Padre Island Harbor Company, created and existing §*f§ff1‘gQ;°;Q"{,§, 3;**; under and by virtue of articles of incorporation drawn in accordance umd. Tex. with and by authority of the general incorporation act of the State of Texas, and dated December tenth, eighteen hundred and eighty- seven, or its successors or assignees, be, and is hereby, authorized and empowered to construct, at their exclusive cost, as in their charter provided. a sea·wall, breakwaters, and viaduct off the shore of Padre Island, on the coast of Texas, within the jurisdiction of phedlfnited States, subject to the terms and conditions herein set or .