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PROCLAMATIONS. N 0. 26. 1025 [No. 26.] \ BY THE PRESIDENT on THE UNITED Sryms or AML1E10A. . A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, pursuant to section 3 of the Art of Congress approved M=w18·18¤2- October 1, 1890, entitled “An Act to reduce the revenue and equalize ?(‘1lIIw"< duties on nnports, and for other purposes," the Secretary of State of V°‘·“"· P- *1* the United States of America communicated to the Governm nt of Guatemala the action of the Congress of the United States of America, wnh a view to secure reciprocal trade, in declaring the anticles enumerated in said section 3 to be exempt from duty upon their importation into the United States of America; And whereas the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Guatemala at Washirigton has communicated to the Secretary of State the fact that, in reciprocity for the admission into the United States of America free of all duty of the articles enumerated in section 3 of said Act, the Government of Guatemala will, by due legal enactment of the National Congress of that Republic, admit, free of all duty, from and after the thirtieth day after the passage of the said Act by the Congress of Guatemala, into all the established ports of entry ragfglyjg $,;;**6* r- of that Republic, the articles or merchandise named in the following u»m3n..°M sjchqdiglegtprovided that the same be the product or manufacture of the ni tes: SCHEDULE seimuuis. of articles, the product or manufacture of the United States, to be ad- iuitiiilgigdsigigetii mitted into Guatemala free of all customs duties, and of any national d“°’· or municipal dues, and national port charges. 1. Live animals. 2. Barley, corn or maize, and rye. 3. Corn-meal. 4. Potatoes, peas and beans. 5. Fresh vegetables. 6. Rice. 7. Hay and straw for forage. 8. Tar, pitch, resin, turpentine and asphalt. 9. Cottonseed oil and other products of said seed. 10. Quicksilver. 11. Mineral coal. . 12. Guano and other fertilizers. 13. Lumber and t1mber, in the rough or prepared for building purposes. 14. Houses of wood or iron, complete or in parts. 15. Fire bricks, lime, cement, shingles and tiles of clay or glass for rooting, and construction ofbuildings. 16. Marble in slabs, columns, cornices, door and window frames and fountains; and dressed or undressed marble for buildings. 17 . Piping of clay, glazed or unglazed, for aqueducts and sewers, 18. \Vire, plain or barbed, for fences, with hooks and staples for same. li}. Printed books, bound or unbound; printed music ; maps, charts and globes. 20. Materials for the construction and equipment of railways. 21. Materials for electrical illumination. 22. Materials expressly for the construction of wharves. 23. Anchors and hoisting tackle. 24. Railin gs of cast or wrought iron.

 Balconies of cast or wrought iron.

26. Wiiideiw-blinds of wood or metal. 27. Iron nre-places or stoves. v01. xxvu--6.3