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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. On. 311. 1892. 299 For eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, six hundred and fifty-two dollars and ten cents. RENT AND INCIDENTAL ExPENSEs, TERRITORY on ALASKA: To A1¤¤k¤- supply deficiencies in the appropriations for rent and incidental expenses of offices for the marshal, district attorney, and commissioners, I‘erritory of Alaska, on account of nscal years as follows: For eighteen hundred and ninety-two, six hundred and ninety-seven dollars and twenty-seven cents. For eighteen hundred and ninety, three hundred and four dollars and ilve cents. DE1rEND1No SUITS IN CI.Ams AGAINST THE UNITED STATES: c,,}§g¤¤i¤z rem i¤ To supply deficiencies in the appropriations for defraying the necessary ` expenses incurred in the examination of witnesses and procuring of evidence in the matter of claims against the United States and in defending suits in the Court of Claims, including the payment of such expenses as in the discretion of the Attorney-General shall be necessary for making proper defense for the United States in the matter of French spoliation claims, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney-General, on account of iiscal years as follows: For eighteen hundred and ninety-two, one thousand three hundred and twentyone dollars and eighty cents. For eighteen hundred and ninety-one, four hundred and thirty-three dollars and eighty cents. · For eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, ten dollars. For eighteen hundred and eighty-five, two hundred dollars and twenty-five cents. Omen1T Oonnrs or APPEALS: For salaries and expenses of the cir- Aceggr <><>¤r¤¤ rf cuit courts of appeals, thirty thousand three hundred and eighty dol- PW ' lars and fifty cents. Gounr or Pn1vATE LAND CLAIMS: For salaries and expenses of the Lgggs mm Court of Private Land Claims, eleven thousand two hundred and ninety- ' four dollars and thirty cents. _ _ For publishing notice of the organization of the Court of Private A°‘""‘“"’¥· Land Claims, as follows: To the Phcenix Herald, Phmnix, Arizona, seven thousand three hundred and thirty-one dollars and six cents; to the New Mexican Printing Company, New Mexico, six thousand three hundred and eleven dollars and twenty-five cents; to the Washington Post, District of Columbia, nine thousand four hundred and thirty-one dollars and ten cents; to the Sun Publishing Company, Denver, Colorado, four thousand nine hundred and sixty-three dollars and live cents; in all, twenty-eight thousand and thirty-six dollars and forty-six cents. EXPENSES UNITED STATES COURTS, INDIAN TERRITORY: To pay i¤•1l¤¤ Territory the actual traveling and other expenses of the judge of the United °°“"°' States court holding court in the Indian Territory, other than at Museogee, in accordance with the act of May second, eighteen hundred and ninety, as follows: For the iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-one, two hundred and one dollars and ninety-tive cents; For the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-two, seven hundred dollars. In all, nine hundred and one dollars and ninety-five cents. DEPUTY MARSHALS IN OKLAnoMA: To enable the Attorney-Gen }’}‘fi‘§‘g'{‘{‘g,t,_,,, 0,- eral to investigate and ascertain the amounts due such persons as are =¤¤¤¤¤r¤ due deprrry alleged to have rendered service in Oklahoma since the lands therein "'°"h°l°‘ were opened to settlement by proclamation of the President under orders of the United States marshal as deputies between April twenty- second, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, and May twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety, in compliance with directions from the Attorney-General, one thousand dollars; and for the payment of ac- P""‘“°“*· counts which will be found due upon such investigation, twenty thou· Sand dollars; in all, twenty-one thousand dollars; Provided, That in no case shall there be allowed exceeding four dollars per diem for compensation and two dollars per diem each for expenses.