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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 380. 1892. 363 Lady Managers: Provided, That all expense of administration and in- promo;. _ _ stallation in the Woman’s building shall be paid by the World’s Co- W°'“’“"* B“"d'“g· lumbian Exposition: Provided That the salaries of the Director-Gen- Salaries orolrwmeral and Secretary of the Commission shall not exceed eight thousand mim “"d S"""` dollars and three thousand dollars respectively per annum, and a sum not exceeding five thousand dollars may be used by the Director-General in his discretion for incidental and contingent expenses of his omce, and there shall not be more than two meetings of the World’s Mmiuzs- Columbian Commission or of the Board of Lady Managers during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-three. And the sums herein appropriated for the World’s Columbian Expo- In om as Governsition shall be in full of the liability of the United States on account "‘°""‘“b"""· thereof: Provided, That the Government Exhibits at the World’s !1_’~·£·>- I ed S Columbian Exposition shall not be opened to the public on Sundays. .1.;;, ° °° "°` That the Secretary of War be, and he hereby is, authorized at his Detail of army discretion to detail for special duty in connection with the World’s °m°°”‘ Columbian Exposition, such officers of the Army as may be required, to report to the general commanding the Department of the Missouri, and the omcers thus detailed shall not be subject to loss of pay or rank on account of such detail, nor shall any oiilcer or employee of the United No officsr gr sm- States receive additional pay or compensation because of service con- H}L?:,$,°a;t‘§§,Tg‘Q§’§§§aT§l$Ef nected with said Exposition from the United States or from said Exposition Parma. Am) Srnns: For paper for internal-revenue stamps, freight, égtsrll ¤1 - wvsnlls and salary of superintendent, messengers and watchmen, ilfty thou-"“""’ °°°’ sand dollars. Pnmsmmirr ron Vronxrrons or Iirrnmui. Rnvmmm Laws: For 0{’¤¤g?g-rgaijgggglggg detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of vio- nn. ` lating the internal-revenue laws, or conniving at the same, including payments for information and detection of such violations, twenty-flve thousand dollars; and the Commissioner of Internal-Revenue shall S*•*¤¤¤¤¤· make a detailed statement to Congress once in each year as to how he has expended this sum, and also a detailed statement of all miscellaneous cxpenditmes in the Bureau of Internal Revenue for which appropriation is made in this act. CONTINGENT EXPENSES, INDEPENDENT TREASURY: For contingent Expenses of iiscul expenses under the requirements of section thirty-six hundred and fifty- “g°'"“* °*°‘ three of the Revised Statutes of the United States, for the collection, R- S-. sw. 3¤53.1»71l•- safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public money, and for transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, sixty thousand dollars. T1zA1vsPo1z1‘Ar1oN OF SILVEB G01N: For transportation of silver Iranspmlng silver coin, including fractional silver coin, by registered mail or otherwise, °°"" forty thousand dollars, to be immediately available; and in expending this sum the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to _ transport from the Treasury or sub treasuries, free of charge, silver coin when requested to do so: Provided, That an equal amount in coin or ggwiegcurrency shall have been deposited in the Treasury or such subtreas- W °` uriu by the applicant or applicants. And the Secretary of the Treasury shall report to Congress the cost arising under this appropriation. Rsiwrt Bmcoimnom, Rmssvn, AND TRANSPORTATION OF Mmon Coins: }¢¤¤<>i¤llz¤· sw- The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to transfer to the United "”“°' °°i"”’ States Mint at Philadelphia, for cleaning and reissue, any minor coins now in or which may be hereafter received at the subtreasury offices in excess of the requirement for the current business of said officcs; and the sum of flve hundred dollars is hereby appropriated for the expense of transportation for such reissue. And the Secretary of the Treasury is also authorized to recoin any and all the uncurrent minor coins now in the Treasury; and the sum of one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to reimburse the (Tieéisslirykfor the loss on such recoinage ; in all, one thousand five hune o rs.