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402 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. RES. 33, 34. 1892. l August 6, 1892. [No. 33.] Joint resolution authorizing foreign exhibitors at the Worldfs Columbian ———-1—-———- Exposition to bring to this country tbreign laborers from their respective countries for the purpose of preparing for and making their exhibits. · rmmtie. Whereas, under and in pursuance of the act approved April twenty- V°"°·"°" fifth, anno Domini, eighteen hundred and ninety, the President of the United States has invited the governments and citizens of foreign nations to participate in the international exhibition authorized by the act above recited- and Whereas the invitations so extended have been accepted by the several nations, and space for installing foreign exhibits has been applied for and duly apportioned, and concessions and privileges granted by the Exposition management to the citizens and subjects of foreign nations · and Wherbas, for the purpose of securing the production upon the Exposition grounds of scenes illustrative of the architecture, dress, habits and modes of life, occupation, industries, means of locomotion and transportation, amusements, entertainments, and so forth, of the natives of foreign countries, it has been necessary for the World’s Columbian Exposition to grant concessions and privileges to certain firms and corporations conceding the rgght to make such productions: Therefore, Resolved by the Senate and ouse of Representatives of the United States womm coimtm of America in Congress assembled, That the act of Congress approved

,,,,,,,,,,,,,, February twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and eighty-five, prohibiting

gmx ggséixvz; the importation of foreigners under contract to perform labor, and the Mmmiumm acts of Congress prohibiting the comm g of Ch1nese persons into the V°*-”·P-m- United States, and the acts amendatory of these acts, shall not be so construed nor shall anything therein operate to prevent, hinder, or in anywise restrict any foreign exhibitor, representative, or citizen of a foreign nation or the holder who is a citizen of a foreign nation of any concession or privilege irom the World’s Columbian Exposition, from bringing into the United States under contract, such mechanics, arti sans, agents, or other employees, natives of their respective foreign countries, as they, or any of them, may deem necessary for the purpose of making preparation for installing or conducting their exhibits or of preparing for installing or conducting any business authorized or permitted under or by virtue of orpertainingto any concession or privilege which may have been granted by the World’s Columbian Exposition fjggukgm from in connection with such Exposition: Provided, however, That no alien Secretary of as shall by virtue of this act enter the United States under contract to '*"°“°*'¥· perform labor except by express permission, naming such alien, of the Secretary of the Treasury; and any such alien who may remain in the United States for more than one year after the close of said Exposition AHM: wmaiqins shall thereafter be subject to all the processes and penalties applicable '§‘Q,QK§{,‘Z§Q,'§‘bJ°"° to aliens coming in violation of the alien contract labor laws aforesaid. Approved, August 5, 1892. August s,1ss2. [No. 34.] Joint resolution to permit the railroads of the District to lay extra tracks "t"”‘”’ to accommodate the travelling public during the Grand Army Republic Encampment. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United {_>i¤¢ric¢¤f,C<>1g¤qm:¤; States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioners of the ,,,`Z,'£,{’°fQ,2,,,,{§}; 0}. District of Columbia are hereby authorized to issue to any steam rail. ·v·=·=*¤¤ •>¤·=¤·¤i¤¤¤· road in the said District a permit to lay and use for a period not to exceed fifteen days in all, and not more than twice in any one calendar year, temporary tracks on streets adjacent to its passenger depot for the purpose of accommodating passengers and baggage coming to or leaving the city of Washington on special occasions when numbers of

 to _ personsnre expected to visit the said District of Columbia. Provided,

Ap;,,"}?;;;;? "°“‘° §‘h0af thés autléorgly shall cease on the first day of April, eighteen hunr an mne y· ree Approved, August 5, 1892.