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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 204. 1893. 567 Sec. 12. That anyone engaging in the sale of intoxicating liquors as 1. P;:j£·:, gg: ¤¤— specified in this actin the District of Columbia, who is required by it l°° °’ ' to have a license as herein specified, without iirst having obtained a license to do so as herein provided, or any person who shall engage in such sale in any portion of the District where the sale thereof is prohibited upon conviction thereof shall be lined not less than two hundred and fifty dollars nor more than eight hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in the District jail or workhouse for not less than two months nor more than six months; and upon every subsequent conviction of a like offense shall in addition to the penalty above named, to wit, a fine of not less than two hundred and iiity dollars nor more than eight hundred dollars, be imprisoned in the workhouse of the District of Columbia not less than three months nor more than one year. Sec. 13. That any person, having obtained a license under this act, u°1;f;“,f;*};?g°,f:f,”'i¤l* who shall violate any of its provisions, shall upon conviction of such ' violation be fined not less than fifty dollars nor more than two hundred dollars, and upon every subsequent conviction of such violation during the year for which such license is issued shall be fined a like amount, and in addition to such fine shall pay a sum equal to twenty-five per cent of the amount of the line imposed for the offense immediately preceding, and have his license revoked, and in case of nonpayment of the lines and penalties above named shall be imprisoned in the jail of the District or workhouse for a period of time not exceeding six months, or till the same are paid. That after second conviction no license shall 1_§¤1i¤¤;¤¤<;¤f~•=r¤¤•> thereafter be granted to said party: Provided, That no minor under °°p,'$,,'?'*,Y,{°t‘°°‘ sixteen years of age shall be allowed to enter any place where liquors mM,§:f;¤*m°¤$g; are sold other than a hotel, without the consent of the parent or guard- out conseng at. ian of such minor. Sec. 14. That any person assisting in or aiding and abetting the vi0— _P¤¤;~1ty for aiding lation of any of the provisions of this act shall be guilty of a misde- "°l“"°'“' meanor, and on conviction thereof shall be fined not less than tlfty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or beimprisoned in the District jail or workhouse for not more than one month, for each and every such offense. Sec. 15. That prosecutions for violations of the provisions of this act J¤{,i¤di¤¤i<>¤ =·¤d shall be on information filed in the police court by the attorney of the °r°°° L`"' District of Columbia or any of his assistants duly authorized to act for him, and said attorney or his assistant shall file such information upon the presentation to him or his assistants of sworn information of two reputable citizens of the District that the law has been violated. Sec. 16. That license for any of the purposes specified shall not be N¤_1¤¤¤¤¤<-> wiwin granted to any person to conduct such business within four hundred Z§{,t§.}{{..,.,'Z,i,{,Y‘Z,'{},’{’ °' feet of a public schoolhouse, private school or house of religious worship, except in such places of business as may have been located pre- Exceptionsvious to the erection or occupation of such schoolhouse, private school ` or house of religious worship owned or occupied by the District of Columbia, measured between the nearest entrance to each by the shortest course of travel between such place of business and the schoolhouse private school or house of religious worship, Spc. 17. That all applicants who have had a license during the pre- ,,,§§’,'}§§:Q§_ °' °‘*‘*" ceding year shall apply for a renewal of such license on or before November ilrst of each license year, and shall be permitted to continue business until license shall be granted or refused by the excise board; but in all cases of reiiisal to grant license such proportion of the license R¤f¤¤¤1¤ •=¤ z¤¤¤¢ ¤· fee as may have become due shall be deducted and retained from the °°"°` sum deposited therefor as the time from the first day of November to the date of such refusal bears to the entire license year, and no other person shall be permitted to conduct said business until a license is isséied glgerggr. EG- . _ at nothing in this act shall in any wa re , confiict, or m§f;§¤8 ¤*":’*'¤*'j lDt8l'fol'8 with the public. general laws of the Unitgd &s imp0Si¤g‘ xm:1. hw ot lf