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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. H. CHS. 205, 206. 1893. 569 in no case less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, as provided in said act; and where lands have been fully paid for and rebate of the purchase money has been allowed by the Secretary of the Interior, he Payment on-ewes, shall pay said money, within three months, to said purchaser, his heirs °°°· or legal representatives, out of any money in the Treasury derived {rom the fund received rrom the sale of said lands; the same to be paid on the requisition of the Secretary of the Interior. Approved, March 3, 1893. CHAP. 206.-An act to facilitate the enforcement of the immigration and con- Much 3_18g3_ tract-labor laws of the United States. - e Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, in addition to conform- _ Allen cqnmct-nbc: ing to all present requirements of law, upon the arrival of any alien "'"'“g"‘°‘°“‘ immigrants by water at any port within the United States, it shall be the duty of the master or commanding officer of the steamer or sail- Msslprs of vessels ing vessel having said immigrants on board to deliver to the proper ${”I,`.{'2f.$i,’,§'LT.YZ°f§ EZ inspector of immigration at the port lists or manifests made at the i¤l¤·le¤·¤*¤· time and place of embarkation of such alien immigrants on board such steamer or vessel, which shall, in answer to questions at the top of said lists, state as to each immigrant the full name, age, and sex, whether married or single; the calling or occupation; whether able to read or write; the nationality; the las residence; the seaport for landing in the United States; the final destination, if any, beyond the seaport of landing; whether having a ticket through to such final destination; whether the immigrant has paid his own passage or whether it has been paid by other persons or by any corporation, society, municipality, or government; whether in possession of money, and if so, whether upwards of thirty dollars and how much if thirty dollars or less; whether going to join a relative, and if so, what relative and his name and address; whether ever before in the United States, and if so, when and where; whether ever in prison or almshouse or supported by charity; whether a polygamist; whether under contract, express or implied, to perform labor in the United States; and what is the immigrants condition of health mentally and physicahy, and whether deformed or crippled, and if so, from what cause. Sec. 2. That the immigrants shall be listed in convenient groups and Groups of num nr no one list or manifest shall contain more than thirty names. °“°h l‘“‘ To each immigrant or head of a family shall be given a ticket on ,,I{l;l¤l¤l¤¤¤¢l¤¤ which shall be written his name, a number or letter designating the `° ° "` list, and his number on the list, for convenience of identification on arrival. Each list or manifest shall be verified by the signature and the "¤*l**•*<l l*¤°¤· oath or affirmation: of the master or commanding officer or of the officer M¤d<·r;¤;>¤¢l· below first or second below him in command, taken before the United States $€§?M£,§ $°§{,’§LL‘}'§j consul or consular agent at the port of departure, before the sailin g of said vessel, to the etlwt that he has made a personal examination of each and all of the passengers named therein, and that he has caused the surgeon of said vessel sailing therewith to make a physical exammation of each of said passengers, and that from his personal inspection and the report of said surgeon he believes that no one of said passengcrs_1s an idiot or insane person, or a pauper or likely to become a public charge, or suifering from a loathsome or dangerous contagious d1seasc,_or a person who has been convicted of a felony or other infamous crrme or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or a polygamist, or under a contract or agreement, express or implied, to perform labor rn the Lmted States, and that also, according to the best of his knowled ge_and belief, the intbrmation in said list or manifest concerning each of said passenger named therein is correct and true. _ SEC- 3. That the surgeon of said vessel sailing therewith shall also ve,iE,,,,,,,,,, by Slgu each of said lists or manifests before the departure of said vessel, ¤hlP`¤ ¤l¤'s¤¤¤·