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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. SEss. II. Ch. 212. 1893. 723 ravine contiguous to boiler house, to be immediately available, twelve thousand dollars. Stationary fire engine: For one stationary iire engine, with pipes, .S¤¤¤¢>¤¤‘5’ fire <>¤· connections, and frame shelter, four thousand five hundred dollars; in gm°‘ all, sixteen thousand five hundred dollars. BUREAU on MEDICINE AND SURGERY. ,,,£“§§Q,$§_M°“’°‘“° IVIEDICAL DEPARTMENT: For surgeons necessaries for vessels in ,S¤rg¤<>¤¤‘ ¤¤¤¤¤¤=~ commission, navy-yards, naval stations, Marine Corps, and Coast Sur- "°°' m' vey, and for the civil establishment at the several naval hospitals, navy-yards, naval laboratory, museum of hygiene, and Naval Academy, sixty thousand dollars. NAVAL H0sP1TAL FUND: For maintenance of the naval hospitals H¤¤Pi¤¤1f¤¤<i- at the various navy-yards and stations, and for care and maintenance gf patients in other hospitals at home and abroad, twenty thousand ollars. CONTINGENT, BUREAU on MEDICINE AND SURGERY: For freight, °°“°“‘g°“*· expressage on medical stores, tolls, ferriages, transportation of sick to hospital, transportation of insane patients; care, transportation, and burial of the dead; advertising; telegraphing; rent of telephones; purchase of books and stationery; binding of unbound books and pamphlets; postage and purchase of stamps for foreign service; expenses attending the medical board of examiners; rent of rooms for naval dispensary and museum of hygiene; hygienic and sanitary investigation and illustration; sanitary and hygienic instruction; purchase and repair of wagons and harness; purchase of and feed for horses and cows; trees, plants, garden tools, and seeds; furniture and incidental articles for the museum of hygiene, naval dispensary, Washington naval laboratory, sick quarters at Naval Academy and marine barracks, surgeons’ offices and dispensaries at navy-yards and naval stations; washing for medical department at museum of hygiene, naval dispensary, Washington, naval laboratory, sick quarters at Naval Academy and marine barracks, dispensaries at navy-yards and naval stations and ships and rendezvous, and all other necessary contingent expenses, twenty-five thousand dollars. _ REPAIRS, BUREAU on MEDICINE AND SURGERY: For necessary R°P”'"- repairs of naval laboratory, naval hospitals, and appendages, including roads, wharves, outhouses, sidewalks, fences, gardens, farms, and cemeteries, twenty thousand dollars. BUREAU or SUPPLIES AND ACCOUNTS- if£2I}¤‘Li.§"""” PROVISIONS, NAVY, BUREAU or SUPPLIES AND rXC(‘OUN'l‘S: For P’°“***°”°· provisions and commutcd rations for the seamen and marines, commuted rations for officers and naval cadets on sea duty, and commuted rations stopped on account of sick in hospital and credited to the hospital fund, subsistence of officers and men unavoidably detained or absent from vessels to which attached under orders (during which subsistence rations to be stopped on board ship and no credit tbr communication therefor to be given), and fresh water, not to exceed ten thousand dollars, tbr drinking and cooking purposes, nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars; labor in general storehouses and paymasters’ offices _ in navy-yards, including a chemist at two thousand dollars per annum, Cb°""“‘ 3i1E hundred thousand dollars; in all, one million and ninety thousand o ars. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed “j°°°“*°·°d'¤¤°*¤· to cause general account of advances to be charged with the sum of ' two hundred thousand dollars, which amount shall be carried to the credit of a permanent naval-supply fund to be used under the direction Naval~suPPlY fudof the Secretary of the Navy in the purchase of ordinary commercial S\l}>pli€S for the naval service, and to be reimbursed from the proper Reimbursement