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A 14 APPENDIX—CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. ADMISSION OF UTAH. ·1¤1r13· 1894- Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives ezmcurring), That Admission of man. the Committee on Enrolled Bills of the Senate and House of Represent- °°"'°°*‘°” °‘ °“"’“‘ atives be authorized to strike out the word “Fifty-third" where it occurs ment. _ _ IH sections five and nineteen of the enrolled bill (H. R. 352) “To enable the people of Utah to form a constitution and State government and to be admitted into the Union on an equal rooting with the original States," and insert in lieu thereof the word "Fifty-fourth." Passed the Senate, July 13, 1894. Passed the House of Representatives, July 13, 1894. ALBERT B. REDSTGNB. ¥1¤1y18»1894· Resolved by the Senate ( the House of Representatives concurring), That A1bmn.neam¤e. the President be requested to return to the Senate the bill (S. 1105) 0,*;;}:5;*:, f,'{f,_"°°“"“ “For the relief of Albert E. Redstone? ‘ Passed Senate, July 18, 1894. Passed the House of Representatives, July 18, 1894. PARIS ABB1T1zAT10N. J“lY 2*1**9*- Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That Paris _Tribu¤=>-l of there be printed, under the direction of the Department of State, 6,000 A‘j,}'Qf,{{‘§',‘,;'];,~,,,,,,,,,,,,(_ copies of the official proceedings of the Tribunal of Arbitration created 1¤2¤· etc-- ¤¤1<>=¤*r in pursuance of the treaty of February 29th, 1892, between the United States and Great Britain, including all documents, papers, and agreements presented officially to said tribunal by the agents of said Governments, respectively, and also including the written or printed arguments and the oral arguments of the counsel on behalf of each of said Governments made on said hearing at Paris, and the opinions of the arbitrators, respectively, delivered in said tribunal in conformity with its order admitting the same to constitute a part of said proceedings; of which number one thousand five hundred shall be for the use of the Senate, three thousand for the use of the House of Representatives, and one thousand five hundred for the use of the Department of State. Passed the Senate, July 6, 1894. Passed the House of Representatives, July 25, 1894. sAUGATL‘CK HARBOR, MICHIGAN. July ‘-*”·1§2*· Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That saugnuck Harbor. the Secretary of War be requested to furnish the House with an esti- ”i§§,,,,,,,,, 0, im. mate on the probable cost of completing the im rovement of San atuck . . . P g £;·~~‘¢·¤¤<>¤¤ M he 1°¤r· Harbor, Michigan, under the project of eighteen hundred and sixty- shed. . . . . . . . seven, as modmed in eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, eighteen hundred and seventy, eighteen hundred and seventyfive, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and the improvements recommended in the report of the Chief of Engineers lor the year eighteen hundred and ninety-three. Appendix M. M. Passed the House of Representatives, July 18, 189-1. Passed the Senate, July 26,189-1.