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146 FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 166. 1894. France: Consul at Bordeaux. Germany: Cousuls at Barmen and Nuremberg. Great Britain and British Dominions: _ , Cousuls at Belfast, Bradford, Demerara, Glasgow, Kingston (Jamaica), and Manchester. Japan: Cousuls at Nagasaki, and Osaka and Hiogo. Mexico: Consul at Vera Cruz. Spanish Dominions: Consul at Matanzas (Cuba). Switzerland : Consul at Basle. · Uruguay: ' Consul at Montevideo. cms rv, $2,500 a CLASS IV. YOM. At two thousand five hundred dollars per annum. Argentine Republic: ‘ Consul at Buenos Ayres. Austria: Consul at Reichenberg. Belgium: Consul at Brussels. China: Consul at Ningpo. Danish Dominions: Consul at Saint Thomas. France: _ Cousuls at Lyons and Marseilles. Germany: Cousuls at Annaberg, Aix la Chapelle, Bremen, Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Hamburg, Mayence, and Plauen. Greece: Consul at Athens. Great Britain and British Dominions: Cousuls at Pprmingham, Dundee, Leith, Nottingham, Shefiield, Southampton, Tuns all, Victoria (British Columbia), and Huddersfield. Mexico: Consul at Paso del Norte. · Spanish Dominions: Cousuls at Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Turkish Dominions: Cousuls at Smyrna and Jerusalem. Class v, same i. CLASS V. yO8X’. At two thousand dollars per annum. Austria-Hun gary : Consul at Trieste. Brazil: Cousuls at Bahia, Para, and Pernambuco. Colombia: _ Consul at Barranquilla. Costa Rica: Consul at San Jose. France; Consul at Rheims, Saint Etienne. and Roubaix.