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228 FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 211, 212. 1894. authorized to administer oaths in the State or Territory in which such entries were made, and where such affidavits were made in accordance with the regulations and decisions of the General Land Office prior to the passage of the Act of May twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety, are hereby validated, if no other objection exists. Approved, August 4, 1894. August 4, 1894. CHAP. 212.-Au Act To amend an Act to authorize the construction of a steel ··vr"‘i‘; bridge over the Saint Louis River, between the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin. ' Be it enactedby the Senate and House of Representatives of the United image across st. States of America in Congress assembled, That sections two and three of LQ;';; ;"§§ said Act be amended so as to read as follows: T ,;;,,.,;,,5,.,;.,,, mv,. “Sec. 2. That any bridge built under the provisions of this Act shall

=*·i··¤- be built and constructed without material interference with the security

and convenience of navigation on said river beyond what is necessary to carry into effect the rights and privileges hereby granted, and shall neagm memes. be of such height in the clear above high-water mark as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of War, with rahsing spans on either side of the draw of not less than two hundred and fifty feet each; and in order to secure compliance with these conditions the said corporation shall mmmwam submit to the Secretary of War a plan of the bridge and accessory

  • ¤’P""° °"* works provided for in this Act, together with a detailed map of the

river for a distance of one mile above and one mile below the proposed site of said bridge. with such information as may be required by the Secretary of War for a full and satisfactory understanding of the subject; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed, upon receiving such plan and map and other information, and being satisfied ` that the bridge built upon such plan and with such accessory works and at such locality will conform to the prescribed condition of this Act, to notify the company that he approves the same; and upon receiving such notification the said company may proceed to the erection of said bridge, conforming strictly to the approved plan and location; but until the Secretary of War shall approve the plan and location of said bridge and accessory works, and notify the company of the same, the cueegee. bridge shall not be built or commenced; and should any change be made or become necessary in the plan of the bridge or accessory works during the progress of construction or after completion such change shall likewise be subject to the approval and direction of the Secretary o ’ar. MM *0 ¤•'*¤•¤·>¤- “Sec. 3. That the accessory works referred to in the preceding section shall be such booms, dikes, piers, or other suitable and proper structures for confining the dow of water to a permanent channel, and for the guiding of steamboats, rafts,_and other water craft safely through the draw and rafting spans, as shall be required by the Secretary of W\’ar, and in addition thereto, and before the putting in placeof the draw spans of the bridge to be built under this Act, the company or persons owning or holding such bridge shall be required, under the direction and npervisiou of the Secretary of War, or of such officer as nre1mg. he shall designate, to dredge out to a minimum depth of twenty-one feet,-the two triangular spaces above and below the proposed site of the bridge, included in the interior angles formed by the crossing of the two ship channels at “the gate," to such an extent as to create a basin, the easterly and westerly limits of which shall be, respectively, neieeeeeeee er at not less than one thousand feet from the axis of the bridge and shall ““°"‘ °“"“°‘*· be parallel thereto? Approved, August 4, 1894.