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FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 301. 1894. 383 For miscellaneous expenses, contingencies of all kinds, office furni- 0¤i¤¤ <¤r¤¤¤¤¤— ture, repairs, and extra labor, and for traveling expenses of assistants C°°m`°°d‘ and others employed in the office sent on special duty in the service of the office, four thousand five hundred dollars. 1 Eor the discussion and publication of observations, one thousand < dollars. That hereafter the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, Smwd `wcizm authorized and directed to furnish precise copies of standard weights ;i¤ilell`1iZ;§i§:t,t2ml°' and measures bearing the seal of the office of construction of standard · weights and measures of the United States, and accompanied by a suitable (certificate, to any State, Territory, or institution heretofore furnished with the same, upon application in writing by the governor in the case of a State or Territory, or by the official head in the case of,an institution, setting forth that the copies of standards applied for are to replace similar ones heretofore furnished, in accordance with law, by the office of construction of standardweights and measures of the United States which have been lost or destroyed: Provided, That the M cx u_ applicant shall, before the said standards are delivered, first deposit ses. pw °° with the Secretary of the Treasury the amount of money necessary to defray all expenses incurred by the office of construction of standard weights and measures in furnishing the same, which amount shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States to the credit of miscellaneous receipts, as soon as the weights or measures are delivered for transportation into the hands of such persons as are designated by the officers ordering the same. That no part of the money herein appropriated for the Coast and A¤¤w¤¤<=¤¤· Geodetic Survey shall be available for allowance to civilian or other officers for subsistence while on duty at Washington (except as hereinbefore provided for officers of the field force ordered to Washington for short periods for consultation with the Superintendent), or to officers of the Navy attached to the Survey, except as now provided by law. UNDER SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. mi;gg1=¤¤¤i¤¤ 1¤¤¤- Nxrroiui. Musnumz For continuing the preservation, exhibition, §jgggg;¤¤¤¤g°·;;=;;,_ and increase of the collections from the surveying and exploring expe- mm. g ditions of the Government, and from other sources, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, one hundred and forty- three thousand dollars. _ For cases, furniture, fixtures, and appliances required for the exhibi- F“""°‘"°· tion and safe-keeping of the collections of the National Museum, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, ten thousand dollars. For expense of heating, lighting, electrical, telegraphic, and tele- H°¤°*¤K· °°°- phonie service for the National Museum, thirteen thousand dollars. For postage stamps and foreign postal cards for the National Museum, P·>·*·=·z¤- five hundred dollars. _ For tearing down and rebuilding the brick walls of the steam boilers, R°P“”‘· providing tie-rods and buck staves and grates for the same; removing, replacing, and resetting the fronts ; and replacing worn-outboiler tubes, and for covering heating pipes with fireproof material, including all necessary labor and material, four thousand dollars. For rent for workshops for the National Museum, six hundred dollars. Ru"- NA*r1oiu1. ZOOLOGICAL PARK: For continuing the construction of Pu1j;¢i<>¤¤1 Z¤¤1¤si¤¤1 roads, walks, bridges, water supply, sewerage, and drainage; and for ' grading, planting, and otherwise improving the grounds; erecting, and repairing buildings and inclosures for animals; and for administrative purposes, care, subsistence, and transportation of animals, includmg salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, and general incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, fifty thousand dollars; one-half of which sum shall be paid from the revenues of the District tnfggjgggguirsm W- of Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the United States; ‘